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                          Volume I - v1.1
                              Part 1
                           Robert Bruce
         Copyright(C) 19 April 1994. All rights reserved.

This  is  part one of a series of articles that will endeavour  to
define the astral world and the projection process.

Please keep in mind, while reading v1.x of this Treatise, that  it
was  my first  attempt at serious writing. That is, I was learning 
to write while writing them.

I have been studying the astral plane, in my astral form, for most
of my life.  I have attempted, by careful observation and critical
thinking, to understand it, and hopefully, to shed a little  light
on it.

Everybody,  without exception, leaves their body in a low  powered
projection,  when they go to sleep.  I call this sleep projection.
The  astral  body  hovers a few inches above the physical  like  a
balloon on a string, mimicking the sleeping position and going  no
further.  Once the astral body has separated, it is free to create
dreams.   This is the natural (sleep, dream) process  we  are  all
familiar  with.   During this, you sink into the collective  dream
consciousness  of  the  world.  This  `dream  pool'  settles  into
layers.   According  to what type of person  you  are,  spiritual,
moral  advancement  etc, you will tune in  to  a  level  you  have
affinity  with.  These levels are commonly called the `Planes'  or
sub  Planes.  There is nothing wrong with this analogy except that
it can confuse things when you try to grasp the whole concept.

If  you  become  aware during sleep projection you can  take  some
control  over it as in a lucid dream, and move amongst the levels.
If you do take control though, you cannot return to the real world
and  function as an astral form in it.  You are in the topsy-turvy
world  of  the  dream pool or astral planes, where  everything  is
possible, but not very plausible.

When you do a `fully conscious' projection of the astral form  you
project  into the physical world, not any astral world.  This  has
long  been  misunderstood.  What is usually thought of  as  astral
projection  today  is  better called  `Lucid  Dreaming'  which  is
completely different.

Many  authors suggest we all race about the universe in  AP  every
night.  This is simply not true.  You will find the world a lonely
place  in  your  astral  form  and will  rarely  see  anyone  else
projecting  there.   If you do see someone, often  they  are  just
standing, confused and befuddled, caught in a `between'  state  of
projecting  and  creating.  This is what  happens  when  you  lose
control  during  a  conscious OBE.   I  call  it  `The  Alice  and
Wonderland  Effect' It is an effective barrier  to  the  untrained

In the astral form you have an incredibly strong creative ability,
normally used to create dreams.  Once free of the fetters  of  the
physical  world,  you can create an entire world,  and  often  do.
This  creative ability is the problem, and the cause, of  all  the
misunderstandings about AP.

There  is a natural barrier in AP just as there is with any  other
form  of  psychic ability.  The `Alice' effect, limits  projection
time in the real world to a few minutes, in most cases, unless you
can  control your mind and energy level well.  If there was not  a
barrier - think about it - millions of people flitting around  the
world every day and night, no privacy, no secrets.  This would  be
a very unhappy world to live in.

What happens during a fully conscious AP if you can't control your
mind and energy?  Well, at some point during the AP you will start
to  lose control over the experience and well known things will be
found  in  wrong places.  Doors, windows, furniture;  extra  rooms
will  appear  etc. Your subconscious mind has started creating  or
you  are  tuning  into a dream plane.  Once  this  happens  it  is
impossible to know what is real any more.  Some of the dream  pool
levels,  or planes, are a carbon copy of the real world.  You  may
tune  into  one of them and think you are projecting in  the  real
world - until you meet a Cheshire cat.

One  final  thing,  the Eastern concept of the  levels;  physical,
astral, mental, buddhic, atmic etc are very real.  They have  been
confused  though and mixed in with the Western concept  of  astral
projection.   They  are  different levels  of  consciousness,  not
planes  as  such.  When you AP you don't raise your consciousness,
it  is the same as when you are awake.  These `higher' levels  can
only  be  reached by raising your consciousness,  you  can't  just
project  into  them.  It is a different kind of  `projection'.   I
have  been  in these higher levels but it is difficult to  explain

them,  they  really  have  to be experienced.  They  are  normally
reached during deep meditation.

In order to reach these higher levels, some clairvoyant ability is
required. This can be developed, or natural ability.

---------- Robert Bruce ------------- ----------
Your  comments,  experiences and requests for help and advice are 
most welcome.  If  corresponding  via email, however, please keep  
your text to a minimum and *please* don't send great chunks of my 
work back to me. Thanks in advance for  your consideration.
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                          Volume I - v1.1
                              Part 2
                           Robert Bruce
         Copyright(C) 19 April 1994. All rights reserved.

Astral  Projection (AP') is an automatic reflex, built in to  your
body  and  mind.  To trigger it, while fully conscious, there  are
three major requirements.

1. The ability to relax your body 100% and stay awake.
2. You  have  to be able to shift your consciousness point outside
   of your body.
3. You  need  enough mental and psychic energy to maintain control
   over  the  projection  and  not  slip  into  the  dream  state.  
   Together,  these  will  trigger the automatic projection reflex 
   for  a  full powered AP'.  There are a few minor conditions but 
   these can be varied to suit your experience and surroundings.

Relaxation:   You  must `master' a full body relaxation  exercise.
If  you  know  one already it can be adapted to suit.   Sit  in  a
`chair'  and relax.  Starting with the feet, tense them and  relax
them.   Continue  this with calves, thighs, hips, stomach,  chest,
arms,  neck  and  face. Go over this a few times  until  you  feel
completely relaxed.  Breathe deeply and slowly throughout this and
try  to  become  `aware' of the breath entering and  leaving  your

Mental  hands:  Imagine you have a pair of `mental hands'.  Stroke
yourself with these `hands' in an upward motion from your feet and
up  your  legs, over and over again.  Try and `feel' them relaxing
and  soothing  you.  Continue this up through the centre  of  your
torso,  paying  particular attention to the chakras.   The  mental
hands  technique will also get you used to shifting your point  of
consciousness  to different parts of your body.  Try  and  put  as
much of yourself as you can into these mental hands.

Energy  raising:  As you pull upwards through your legs with  your
mental hands, imagine you are gripping the energy that flows there
and  pull  it  up through you.  This is the natural  path  of  the
psychic/life  energy that flows through you.   With  practise  you
will actually `feel' this energy tingling and surging through you.
It will literally `charge' you up like a battery.

Chakras:  These are situated at: 1. the base of the spine (between
the anus and the genitals) 2. The spleen (slightly below the belly
button)  3. The solar plexus (1 hand-span above the belly  button)
4.  The  heart (centre of the chest) 5. the throat.  6.  forehead.
7.  Crown  (full  top of your head).  They are  best  imagined  as
roughly the size of your hand.

Chakra stimulation:  Chakras are centres for the transformation of
energy.  Each chakra transforms the raw life energy of the  planet
into  a  different type.  As you pull this energy up  through  you
with  your  mental  hands, stop at each chakra  and  imagine  your
mental  hands opening it.  Pull the energy up through  it  to  the
next  one  and so on.  Repeat this a few times, you may  not  feel
anything at first but with practise you will feel a fluttering  or
pulsing under your skin.

Stop  Check:   Keep  checking  your  muscles  for  any  tensioning
throughout  these  exercises and re-relax  as  needed.   A  common
problem is the automatic tensing of muscles as you pull energy  up
through  you.  Remember, this is all mental, the  body  must  stay
dormant and relaxed throughout this.

Point  shift:  To shift your point of consciousness,  imagine  you
are a foot or two out in front of yourself.  NOT a figure in front
of  you but YOU are in front of your physical body.  Keep in  mind
your  physical body being behind you.  This is tricky but you will
get  used to it quickly.  Don't tense or strain any muscles during
this, your body will try to obey you `physically', don't let it.

Mental  state:  Your surface mind will be fully occupied by  these
exercises so no mental exercise is needed up to this point.   When
you  feel  so  relaxed your body begins to feel  `heavy'  you  are
entering a light trance.  Cease the other exercises and use breath
awareness to stop your mind wandering.

Breath  awareness:  `Feel' your breath coming  in  and  `feel'  it
going out.  With the inhale, `pull' energy up from the base chakra
to  your  heart chakra with your mental hands.  Note: If you  feel
any vibration start in your body at this point, and don't want  to
project  yet, move your head slightly, and gently sway  your  body
into normal alertness.

These exercises should be carried out daily.  Some of them can  be
done  anywhere and anytime you have a few minutes to  spare.   You
will,  in time, condition your body to respond quickly and easily.
With  practise  you  will  be able to attain  a  state  of  `total
relaxation' in just a few minutes.  This training will reduce  the
amount  of  effort  needed,  and the fatigue  produced,  when  you
attempt a fully conscious AP.

---------- Robert Bruce ------------- ----------
Your  comments,  experiences and requests for help and advice are 
most welcome.  If  corresponding  via email, however, please keep  
your text to a minimum and *please* don't send great chunks of my 
work back to me. Thanks in advance for  your consideration.
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                         Volume I - v1.1

                              Part 3

                           Robert Bruce

         Copyright(C) 19 April 1994. All rights reserved.

This  article will deal with actually leaving the body (AP').   If
you  have  read the previous two parts - and I strongly  recommend
you  do - you will have some understanding of the AP' process.   I
will  go  into  more  detail on related  subjects,  ie:   duality,
multiple  bodies, paralysis, the psychic wind, long distance  AP',
fear,  astral sex, ethics, entering other bodies, astral entities,
limitations  to AP', thought forms, healing, problems,  and  other
topics in subsequent articles.

Note:   The projection method I use and describe here is  slightly
different to what is called AP' today.  It is how to do  a  `fully
conscious' projection of the astral body into the real world - not
the  astral  world.   This is equivalent to  a  safe  (near  death


Stated here are the IDEAL conditions for AP'.  Some of them can be
varied according to your circumstances and needs.

You  need  a  quiet  room  where  you  will  be  undisturbed.   If
background noise is a problem, tune a TV or radio - off station  -
to  provide  white noise which will blanket it.  I advise  against
music.  Make sure the temperature is comfortable as you will  tend
to lose body heat during AP'.

The  light must be soft and fairly dim, not dark.  The burning  of
incense, while not necessary, helps condition your body to  relax.
If you use incense, use one type exclusively for AP', and use that
type for no other purpose.

You  need a comfortable chair with arm and neck support.  This can
be  a  lounge  chair or of the recliner type.  AP'  is  much  more
successful when done from a SITTING position.  The chair  must  be
slightly reclined to stop the head rocking forward.  A phone  book
under  the front of it will do.  A pillow is needed for the  feet,
and  sometimes a small pillow or towel behind the neck.  The  type
of  neck pillow used on aircraft are good.  Play around with  this
until you are 100% comfortable.  Note: wear loose clothing.

If  you  must use a bed, say you are unable to sit due to illness,
injury  or circumstance, prop yourself up in bed with pillows,  as
you  would  when  you eat.  As I have said, any  of  this  can  be
dispensed  with according to your needs and circumstances.   I  am
giving you here the optimum conditions for AP'.


To  AP' you don't want to be too tired.  The state needed is  that
found  after  you have exercised, showered, had your evening  meal
and  relaxed  for  an hour or so.  A feeling  of  well  being  and
freshness, not exhaustion or over tiredness, is best.  If you  are
projecting  in  the day-time, I recommend some  form  of  vigorous
exercise,  a hot shower and some relaxation first.  The body  will
be  physically tired - thus easier to relax - but the mind will be
awake and alert.  If light is a problem, use blackout goggles like
the ones they give you on air craft. They are comfortable and will
not interfere.

Note:   If  saliva  builds up in your mouth at any  time,  before,
during or while you are AP' you can swallow, move your tongue  etc
-  it  won't  affect  it at all.  If you have to  move  your  body
slightly,  to  ease it, do it in a sleepy, stretchy  way,  without
breaking relaxation.  If you have to cough, cough gently.  If  you
are  coughing and sneezing, as with a cold - forget it -  and  get
some  sleep.  One other sensation you may feel is the (cobwebs)  a
tickling sensation on the face, this is normal. In the early stage

you  may scratch them if you wish.  In the latter stage, after the
heaviness  starts, ignore them, they will soon stop. It is  caused
by chakra energy and the subtle bodies loosening.

                             THE EXIT

When  your chosen time comes, form a STRONG intention to AP',  sit
in  your  chair,  stretch and get comfortable.  Do the  relaxation
exercises and energy raising until you feel the heavy condition as
you  enter  a light trance.  Switch to breath awareness  and  keep
your  consciousness  shifted out in front.   Stay  aware  of  your
physical body being behind you and keep checking for tension.

A humming will start inside and around you.  It will increase to a
much  deeper  vibration, depending on the chakra  activity.   With
heavy  chakra involvement this can be a truly awesome feeling  and
is  very frightening - if you don't know what is happening.   Your
heart  will  FEEL  like it is speeding up to an  impossible  rate.
This is NOT your heart but the heart chakra!  Ignore it.

This  feels like:  Place your hand on your chest, with your finger
tips  resting  in  the  centre of it over your  heart.   Tap  your
fingers  on  your chest, in time with your heart.   Increase  this
rate  slowly,  until you are tapping as fast as your fingers  can.
This  is how a chakra feels when it is fully activated, it  varies
from a gentle pulsing, like a muscular twitch under the skin, to a
deep robust thrumming, like a muscle gone mad.

Ignore the thrumming and vibrations and stay frosty.  Adopt a  ho-
hum  attitude to all of this and you will be out in a jiffy.   The
vibes  and thrumming may feel as though they are increasing to  an
unbearable  pitch  -  but you must ignore them.   With  subsequent
projections,  it  will be less noticeable, as the dormant  chakras

The  thrumming and vibes reach a crescendo as the AP' reflex  cuts
in.  You buzzzz forward out of your body, feeling a slight falling
sensation in the pit of your stomach.  The deep vibes are replaced
by  a  quiet purring inside your chest.  You are now floating,  or
hovering,  a  few feet in front of, or above, your physical  body.
Stop all exercises - concentrate - and stay frosty.

This  is  great!  you'll think, YES.... I did  it!   You  are  now
consciously  projecting your astral body, and hey,  it  DOES  feel

The first time out, limit it to a few minutes - please trust me on
this  -  it  is  important.  Move around the room -  slowly.   You
haven't  really  got legs, and DON'T look for them.   The  law  of
gravity  doesn't apply any more, so be careful.  Just move  around
the room a bit, don't think about how - just do it!

You  may feel a purring deep in your chest as you move, from  your
heart  chakra.  This is like a little motor, it speeds up  as  you
move and slows to a gentle (putt putting) when you stop.  This  is
your  power pack, your energy, the strength of it will  depend  on
the  amount  of chakra involvement and how close you are  to  your

Keep  control  of  your mind - stay frosty - and  don't  get  over
excited  during the AP'.  Don't imagine at all, or expect anything
that was not there when you left your body.  This is essential  to
keep from falling into the ALICE effect.

Now move back to your body with the intention of re-entering.  You
are  new to the astral form and if you go charging off there is  a
99%  chance  you will lose control, fall into the `Alice'  effect,
and remember nothing.  Learn to crawl before you fly?  You can  go
further  afield in later AP's but it is important  you  limit  the
first one to this.

Re-entry is simple.  Move into your body, any old how, and it will
straighten itself out.  The re-entry reflex will take over  -  and
snap  -  you're back.  GET UP straight away, keeping in mind  what
you have done and WRITE IT DOWN.

The  astral mind is like the RAM in a computer, the physical  mind
is  like  a hard disk and the paper is like a floppy.  Switch  off
the  power in a computer without saving to hard disk and all  data
in  high  mem is gone - poof - just like that!  When you write  it
down  it makes a wrinkle in your hard disk mind.  You just need  a
few  key  words - not a full essay - you can fill in  the  details
later.  Start a journal of your AP'S.

                       A typical Projection

I  sit in my chair, comfortable and warm.  I am going to AP,  come
hell  or  high  water.   I  WILL  do  it!   I  do  the  relaxation
thoroughly,  as  I know it is the REAL secret  to  AP'.   I  raise
energy with my mental hands to activate my chakras.  They start to
thrum nicely.  I concentrate more on my heart chakra, pulling more
and  more power to it through the others, until it throbs  with  a
deep  primal rhythm.  The heavy feeling comes over me as  I  enter
trance.  I feel like a corpse, a dead weight. My face tickles  all

over with cobweb sensation, but I ignore it.  I shift my point  of
focus  to the ME in front.  I AM in front, but I am also aware  of
my  body  behind me.  The vibes start from deep within my body,  I
concentrate  on  breathing but keep my focus out  in  front.   The
vibes increase to a huge droning, power house generator intensity,
but  I  ignore it.  My spine thrills as adrenalin courses  through
me,  but I ignore it.  I focus on breathing and where I am  going.
My heart chakra feels like it's going to blow a gasket, but ha,  I
know it's not my heart, so I ignore it.  The droning change into a
deep  buzzing  and I am suddenly lifting free,  I  feel  a  slight
falling,  buzzing  sensation.  I buzz out and am  standing  before
myself in a couple of seconds.  Damn but this feels good!  I  move
around  the  room, searching - hunting.  The little  motor  in  my
heart purrs louder as I move, keeping pace with my movement.

---------- Robert Bruce ------------- ----------
Your  comments,  experiences and requests for help and advice are 
most welcome.  If  corresponding  via email, however, please keep  
your text to a minimum and *please* don't send great chunks of my 
work back to me. Thanks in advance for  your consideration.
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                         Volume I - v1.1
                              Part 4
                           Robert Bruce
          Copyright(C) 12 May 1994. All rights reserved.


The  splitting  of  your  consciousness, into  two  separate,  but
identical  minds, happens every time you go to sleep or  have  any
kind of out of body projection.  This splitting happens for a very
good reason:

If  you  read  the  case histories in books on astral  projection,
lucid  dreaming, OOBE's and near death experience; you  will  find
many  accounts illustrating the splitting effect.  It  is  common,
during  an  out  of body experience, to be aware of your  physical
body  while also being aware you are existing in a separate, finer
body.   This is due to a telepathic link between your two  bodies.
In  the case of astral projection this link serves the purpose  of
monitoring the physical body, so no harm comes to it.

When you project, your astral double leaves the physical body  and
the  mind splits.  One part is centred in the astral body and  the
other  in  the  etheric body, which must stay with  the  physical.
When  the astral form is generated, it has a mirror image of  your
mind.   It  is YOU, in every respect, like a tape recording  of  a
tape recording; both identical, both YOU!

Often,  during  sleep,  the  mirrored  minds  mix  in  a  kind  of
telepathic  dream sharing.  The physical, etheric minds  are  also
capable of having dreams.  This dream mixing results in a kind  of
dream  memory schizophrenia, caused by having more than one  point
of  consciousness. For those of you unfamiliar with schizophrenia,
sufferers  of it can have more than one set of thoughts  in  their
mind at the same time.


If  the  astral and the etheric bodies, when they are  both  fully
aware,  concentrate  on  each  other  at  close  range  during   a
projection;  a two way telepathic link is formed.   This  is  very
disturbing  and  I  don't recommend you try  it  too  often.   The
physical/etheric  YOU  and the astral  YOU  will  see  each  other
clearly,  and at the same time.  You will be looking out  of  each
others  eyes  at  the  same time, aware of  both  sets  of  vision

On  top of this, making it even more confusing, you are also aware
of  each  others  thoughts, as well as your  own,  simultaneously.
This is telepathic feed back, like holding two mirrors facing each
other  to  give  you  a glimpse of infinity,  a  reflection  of  a
reflection of a reflection etc.

This  uncomfortable  and confusing state can  be  avoided  by  not
looking  too closely at each other and not thinking of each  other
when you are projecting.

This,  in  a  way, goes a long way to explaining  why  dreams  are
sometimes  so confused and chaotic.  The mind splits  for  a  VERY
good reason and the two parts are meant to function separately.

I have experienced this phenomena many times during projection.  I
studied  it  because  I was curious of the way  I  could  feel  my
physical body when in close proximity to it.  I also kept  getting
confusing  memories of doing two things at once while  projecting.
ie.   Being  aware of events and noises, in the house and  in  the

street,  as well as remembering the projection.  This duality  has
been reported by other projectors, but never properly explained or

Here  is  an  account of the first time I experienced duality  and
telepathic feedback:

I  had  been  meditating in my chair by the fire and  returned  to
normal  awareness as the rain started drumming on the  roof.   The
wind  was getting up and it was shaking the windows.  I looked  at
the  clock,  it was three in the morning.  This was  not  unusual,
sometimes  I meditate all night.  I felt well rested and  full  of
energy.   I thought to myself, `I've never projected in  the  rain
before, I wonder what its like?'

Closing my eyes once again, I soon projected out of my body.

Moving  through  the  wall, I went out  into  the  rain.   What  a
gloriously  wet  feeling it was.  I could feel  the  rain  passing
through  me.   The  smell of rain and wetness was  everywhere,  it
seemed  to fill me with energy.  I floated up to the roof, sat  on
the  chimney  and  looked out over the town.  I watched  the  rain
dancing  on  the  roofs  and streets, swirling  down  gutters  and
gurgling  into  drains.  It seemed to have a  friendly  voice  and
rhythm all its own, it said "drink me, splash me, gurgle me, slosh
me."  It was funny at the time.

Sitting  on the roof, I noticed I could feel my body below  me  in
the  chair.   This  had often intrigued me, how I  could  feel  my
physical body when I was near it but not when I was further  away.
Sliding  back  through the roof, I decided to  study  my  it  more

Suddenly, I could see myself floating through the wall as well  as
seeing  myself  sitting in the chair.  It was ME, sitting  in  the
chair  looking at myself floating through the wall,  but  also  ME
floating  in  front  of  the chair ten feet away  watching  myself
sitting in the chair. This was not only confusing, it made me feel
quite ill.

I  had two sets of vision, two sets of thoughts, all the same  and
all  joined  together, it was fascinating.  It  also  made  sense.
Just  because my astral was separated from my physical, why should
the physical have to stop thinking.

The  astral  ME moved around the room, observing my  body  in  the
chair while it was watching me.  I could still see the astral  ME,
even  when  I was behind the physical me.  I could feel myself  in
the  chair, trying to follow my astral body around the  room.   It
took a real effort, as if I had no energy to move.  I felt as if I
were  huge and was moving against enormous pressure.  I was moving
my viewpoint but I wasn't physically moving at all.

My  awareness was existing in both my etheric and astral bodies at
the  same time.  This was how my physical ME was able to  see  the
astral  ME  so  easily,  and  from any  angle.   My  etheric  was,
literally, turning around in my skin.  This ability to see through
closed  eyelids and from different perspectives is often described
by projectors and meditators.

This  duality  seems  remarkably  similar  to  how  schizophrenics
describe  what  they feel during an attack:  The nausea,  lack  of
energy,  multiple sets of thoughts and feelings of disorientation.
This  terrible  disorder may be caused by  a  dislocation  of  the
astral body?  The only way to find out if this is the case,  would
be  to  study  a schizophrenic during an attack, from  the  astral

After  studying the etheric/physical bodies from my astral form  I
have come to the following conclusions:

During  normal sleep, the etheric, better described as the  energy
body or vitality sheath, expands and acts like an energy sponge or
solar accumulator.  It swells and opens, allowing the astral  body
to  float  free,  while  it absorbs some kind  of  energy  (cosmic
energy?) from the universe.

When  it  expands, all the chakras, both major and  minor,  slowly
open  up  like  the  flowers in a garden, catching  and  absorbing
energy.   When we awake, the etheric body contracts and re-absorbs
the  astral  body; forming a dense etheric sheath, or skin,  which
holds within it our stored energy and subtle bodies.

According  to some sources we have 300 chakras, if you  count  all
the minor ones.

The  swelling of the etheric body, while awareness is  centred  in
it,  also  appears to be responsible for the sensation of  swollen
hugeness in the body coupled with a feeling of smallness in  self.
This  strange mix of sensations is often reported by people during
astral  projection or meditation.  It appears to be caused by  the
etheric body swelling and interacting with the universe.

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                         Volume I - v1.1

                              Part 5

                           Robert Bruce

          Copyright(C) 14 May 1994. All rights reserved.

                        Projection Problems

Here  are  some  answers to the most common  problems  people  are
having  with projection.  Thank you all for the hundreds of  email
letters  you have sent me.  Your feedback is helping me to improve
this treatise, which ultimately helps everybody.  If you write  to
me  and don't get a reply within a week, write again, I sometimes,
inadvertently, loose a few letters.

I  have  done  away with the original technique  of  shifting  the
consciousness  out  of the body.  Most people find  this  kind  of
visualisation far too difficult, and waste precious energy  trying
to   do  it.   Visualisation  is  the  biggest  problem  with  all
projection  techniques.   To overcome this,  I  have  developed  a
simpler method that is much more efficient.

The most common problems are:

1. Visualisation, out in front of yourself.
2. Paralysis, after an apparently successful projection.
3. Fear.
4. Remembering the projection.

1.  The visualisation problem:
Shifting  your  point of consciousness away  from  your  body,  by
visualising,  is simply a way of exerting pressure on  the  astral
body. There are many ways to do this other than the method I  gave
earlier  in this series.  The biggest difficulty with this  is  it
requires you to imagine yourself in a different position from  the
one you are in.

For  example, if you are lying down, you are (horizontal) and  you
will be trying to imagine you are standing at the foot of the bed,
which  is (vertical).  This is one reason projection is easier  to
do  from  a  chair.   In  a  chair  you  are  (vertical)  and  are
visualising  yourself standing in front (vertical).   Sitting  and
standing are both (vertical) positions.  Close your eyes now,  and
try  to imagine yourself lying on the floor, and you will see what
I mean.

This  is not the only difficulty.  Any visualisation that requires
you  to  imagine  yourself at a different  place  from  where  you
actually are is unnatural and hence extremely difficult.  This,  I
believe, is the cause of most failures.  A great deal of energy is
wasted  on this, energy which can be better used on the projection

Visualisation is a big hurdle for people when they are learning to
project.   Many have trouble with it because they think they  have
to  actually SEE what they are visualising, you DON'T.  People who
can visualise things clearly DON'T actually see anything.  If they
do, it is no longer a visualisation but a clairvoyant vision.

Visualisation  is simply the ability to construct a representation
of what something would look, or feel like, in your minds eye.  It
is  better termed fantasising, an imaginary perception of reality.
Many people who say they can't visualise at all, are still able to
create elaborate fantasies.

To  overcome  this problem I have developed a simple extension  of
the  mental hands technique that will do the same thing.   If  you
managed  the mental hands in the relaxation exercise OK, you  will
have no problems with this.

                      MENTAL HANDS PROJECTION

Use  a thumb-tack to attach a length of ribbon to the ceiling over
your bed or chair.  Have it hanging over your chest, with the  end
within arms reach.  IF you are using a chair, have it a foot or so
in  front  of you and within arms reach.  NOTE:  This is a  visual
aide only.

Before you attempt your next projection, get used to reaching  out
and  holding the ribbon.  Remember where it is and what  it  feels
like.   You are going to use this ribbon to pull yourself  out  of
your body.

Start  your projection the same as outlined in Part 3.   When  you
enter  the trance state, instead of imagining you are out in front
of yourself, use your mental hands to pull yourself hand over hand
out of your body.  Reach up with your mental hands and imagine you
are  climbing  the  cord.  Feel yourself coming  loose  from  your
physical  body  every time you hand over hand up the  cord.   Make
sure  you  don't tense any muscles while you are doing this.   Put
everything you have in the way of will-power into doing this.

While you are using the mental hands to pull yourself out you  can
also dispense with the breath awareness.  Climbing the ribbon with
your  mental hands will fully occupy your mind, making  any  other
mental  exercise redundant.  This will let you put every ounce  of
mental  energy you have into the one activity, projection, instead

of wasting it on a complicated visualisation exercise.

While  you  are climbing the ribbon imagine you are  coming  loose
from  the  physical body.  Imagine you can feel yourself rising  a
little with each new hand hold.  Feel yourself floating free.  You
will  feel  a slight giddy feeling in the pit of your stomach,  or
solar plexus, as pressure is put on the astral body.

2.  Paralysis after an apparently successful projection:
This happens when, after everything appears to goes well, you feel
all  the sensations, heaviness, heart chakra thrumming, vibrations
etc,  but nothing seems to happen.  You lie there, unable to move,
feeling very light, and with a floating sensation.  This is a form
of waking paralysis.

What  has  happened is, you have activated the projection  reflex,
the  etheric body has expanded but only partially freed the astral
body. This is like waking sleep projection.

To  overcome this when it happens, increase the effort in climbing
the  ribbon with your mental hands, apply all the will  power  you
have  to this.  This should put enough pressure on the astral body
to  complete  the projection.  If this fails, there  is  a  strong
possibility  you  have already projected and are centred  in  your
physical or etheric body.

If  you think this is the case, and you can't break out of it, use
it.  Observe all you can, experiment, feel, see what you  can  see
through your eyelids, try looking behind yourself.  Another  thing
you can try is to convert it into a lucid dream.  Try focusing  on
a fantasy, or a place you would like to go.  Build it in your mind
so you can tune into it.

Not enough is known about the above condition of waking paralysis.
If you discover a way to do something about it, or with it, please
email  me.   I will include these findings in a future rewrite  to
help others with it.

3.  Fear:
Many  people have written to me describing their feelings of  fear
during  projection.   This is a kind of natural  barrier  to  some
people  that must be overcome.  Some call it "The Dweller  on  the
Threshold."  It is a manifestation of your own inner  fears,  very
much  like  a child's unreasoned fear of the dark; a fear  of  the

Many  people feel there is something evil waiting for them,  or  a
nasty  spirit trying to stop them projecting.  This must be  faced
with  courage!   Look  upon it as a test, an exam,  that  must  be
passed  before you can project freely.  Once you do  project,  and
face  it,  you  will  find it is only a hollow  threat  that  will
crumple into nothing.

I  have  projected hundreds of times in my life, and in my  astral
form,  have  never  been attacked.  I did,  however,  have  strong
feelings of fear to conquer when I first taught myself to  project

There  is  also  this to consider:  You are invulnerable  in  your
astral  form  and your body has excellent defences to protect  you
during  a  projection.  Your expanded etheric will react instantly
at  the slightest intrusion or unfriendly touch.  It can pull  you
back in a second, no matter how far away you are.

Ways to help overcome fear are:

- Project during the day.
- Leave plenty of lights on in the house.
- Project with a friend.  (joint projection)
- Pray to whatever deity you believe in for protection.

4.  Remembering it all:
If your projection seems to happen OK but you only remember laying
on  the bed and falling asleep after it.  The problem could be  in
remembering the astral experience.

Here's  what  you can do about not remembering.  As  soon  as  you
awake,  sit  up and pull those memories back.  Sit  up  and  think
hard.   Put  aside a few minutes quiet time each  morning  and  do
this.  It will train you to remember your projections and dreams.

During  this quiet time, run key phrases through your  mind  until
you  hit on something.  Say things like: I was walking...   I  was
talking  to...  I was just going to...  I was over  at...   I  was
flying  over...  I was having a...  I was inside a...   These  are
examples of phrases that can lead to a fragment of memory you  can
lock on to.  Make up some more phrases for yourself.

It  may  not feel like there is anything in your mind to remember,
but  try  hard and put some real effort into it.  They are  there,
you  just have to reach in and locate them.  Once you lock onto  a
fragment of memory, more can be located and more still.  You  will
be surprised how much you can remember this way.

It  is  important to write these down as you remember them.   They
may  seem  vivid and unforgettable but they will vanish in  a  few
minutes if you don't record them.  Just a few key words will do.

One  other  aid  to remembering is to give yourself post  hypnotic
suggestions before you project, or go to bed.  This can  take  the

form  of  an  affirmation.  Say something like  "I  will  remember
everything I do tonight."  Say it over and over until you get sick
of saying it.

Lastly,  it  helps if you have a mission goal for each projection,
something  you  especially  want to do.   Combine  this  with  the
affirmation and program yourself to do it.  For example,  say:   I
will go to the beach and remember.....  I will go to the beach and

Lastly,  remember to keep the first few projections  ultra  short.
This  is an absolute must!  It is more important to have a 30  Sec
projection you can remember that an all nighter you forget.

---------- Robert Bruce ------------- ----------
Your  comments,  experiences and requests for help and advice are 
most welcome.  If  corresponding  via email, however, please keep  
your text to a minimum and *please* don't send great chunks of my 
work back to me. Thanks in advance for  your consideration.
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                        Volume II - v1.1
                              Part 1
                           Robert Bruce
                     Copyright(C) 2 July 1994

This  version  has  been completely rewritten  and  updated,  with
thought to all the questions and comments received since its first
posting.   I have tried, by applying my experience as a  projector
and  mystic, to solve some of the basic problems people are having
with projection. This has become an interactive work thanks to all
the  constructive feedback and experimentation it has inspired  on
the Internet.

There  are  certain  aspects  of  the  astral  dimension  and  the
projection  process  that are very complicated.   Much  of  it  is
misunderstood  and it can all be very confusing  at  times.   This
series of articles attempts to shed a little light on the subject,
and  hopefully,  explain  what its all about.   The  theories  and
conclusions  in  this  Treatise are  largely  drawn  from  my  own
projection experience.  It is the goal of this Treatise to develop
greater   understanding  and  new,  simpler  and  more   effective
techniques  for  projection.  The ideas, theories  and  techniques
discussed here are constantly under development and are subject to
modification  and change as new discoveries and insights  come  to

                   What is the Astral Dimension?

The  astral is the closest dimension to the physical.  It overlays
and permeates the world like a huge mind net, catching and holding
all   thought.   Its  contents  are  created  by  the   collective
consciousness  of the world mind.  It contains all  the  thoughts,
memories,  fantasies,  and dreams of every  living  thing  in  the
world.   In  it,  the  laws  of sympathetic  attraction,  or  like
attracts  like,  causes this ocean of mind  stuff  to  strata  and
settle  into  layers or pools.  These pools of  thought  are  more
commonly called astral planes, astral worlds, astral sub planes or
astral realms.

The  astral  dimension is composed of astral matter and  is  aptly
described as mind stuff.  It is extremely sensitive to thought and
can be moulded into any shape or form.  These creations can be  so
perfect as to be indistinguishable from reality.

The  best way to explain this, mind stuff, is to draw a comparison
between astral matter and unexposed, high speed photographic film.
When this film is exposed to light, focused by the cameras lens, a
perfect image of reality is instantly burnt into the film  by  the
chemical  reaction of the film to light.  When  astral  matter  is
exposed  to  thought, focused by the lens of the mind,  a  perfect
image  of reality is instantly formed out of astral mind stuff  by
the  reaction  of  astral matter to thought.  The  complexity  and
durability of any creation in the astral dimension depends largely
on the strength of the mind doing the creating.


This  is how the subconscious mind creates dreams:  By tuning into
the  astral dimension during sleep, it can create any scenario  it
wishes.  This  is the subconscious mind's way of solving  problems
and of communicating with the conscious mind.  It creates a series
of  complex thought form scenarios and projects them into the mind
stuff  of  the  astral dimension, where they  become  solid.   The
conscious  mind then lives through and experiences  these  created
scenarios in the dream state.  In a way its like a movie projector
(subconscious  mind)  projecting  onto  a  movie  screen   (astral

                           Thought Forms


Any  new  object in the real world is assimilated into the  astral
dimension over a period of time.  A thought form representation of
it  first  grows in the lowest part of the astral,  close  to  the
physical dimension, becoming more and more permanent as time  goes
on.   As with all thought forms, the more attention paid to it the
quicker it grows.

The  higher up in the astral dimension, or the further  away  from
the physical, the less thought forms, of the physical world, as we
know  it, are found.  Physical things have to soak in to it for  a
very  long  time  before they take shape, and are  found,  in  the
higher astral.

Have  you  ever tried to move around a strange house in the  dark?
You  bump into everything, right.  But as you become familiar with
it  though,  a mental picture of your surroundings forms  in  your
mind, and you can find your way around it better.  The longer  you
spend  in  this  house the stronger this mental  picture  becomes.
This  is  similar  to  how things are assimilated  and  grown,  as
thought forms, in other dimensions.

The  generation of thought forms in the astral also works  in  the
reverse.   If  a physical object has been around for a  very  long
time, it will have grown a lasting thought form impression in  the
astral.   After  the object is destroyed or removed,  its  thought
form  still  endures. You may, for example, in  the  astral,  find
furniture in your house you don't have, jumbled up with your  own.
This  is  caused  by  the decaying thought  forms  of  old  stuff,
belonging to previous tenants etc, still being there, years  after
the originals have gone.

Old  thought forms do not follow their physical counterpart around
when  they  are  moved.   New ones begin to  grow  in  the  astral
wherever  it  is while the old ones slowly decay.   The  longer  a
thing  is in one place, the stronger the thought form will  become
in  that  place.  This also applies to buildings,  structures  and
geological features. You may project into a park and find a house,
bridge,  stream, hill etc that you know is definitely  not  there.
These may have existed in times past.  The higher up in the astral
you  go,  the older the thought forms are, or the further back  in
geological time you appear to be.

The rate of growth of a thought form depends largely on the amount
of  attention paid to it.  For example, a famous painting;  loved,
viewed  and  highly  thought  of by millions,  will  have  a  much
stronger thought form than that of a common painting that hangs in
someone's  bedroom  and is only viewed by a few.   The  number  of
thought forms you find in the astral also depends on how close you
are  to  the physical dimension.  If you are very close, as  in  a
real time projection or OOBE, very few thought forms, if any, will
be  found.   In a real time OOBE you are not quite in  the  astral
dimension  but are existing as an astral form in the  buffer  zone
between the astral and the physical dimensions.

                           Astral Vision

In  the physical body we have 220 degrees of vision, i.e.  we  can
only  see in front of us, but not behind, above and below  at  the
same  time.  In the Astral body we have MORE than 360  degrees  of
vision  and  can  see  on all sides at once.   This  is  Spherical
vision.  During projection, habit forces us to focus our attention
in  one  direction  only, where we feel the forward  part  of  our
vision is.  The view behind, above, below, left and right is still
there, and seen all at once, but it can not be assimilated by  the
brain,  all at once.  This goes against the brains lifelong  habit
of  frontal vision.  Spherical vision is like being one huge multi
faceted eye that can see in all directions, up, down, left, right,
front, back, but all at once!

In  the  astral  body you do not have any physical  organs,  i.e.,
eyes.  You  are a non-physical point of consciousness floating  in
space.   You  are  also unaffected by gravity and  other  laws  of
physics.   In  this  state there are no ups  or  downs,  backs  or
fronts,  left or rights.  It is only lifelong habit that tries  to
force this perspective on you during projection.

It  is  important to understand spherical vision, if  you  are  to
operate competently in the astral.  This is especially so when you
project, in real time, close to the physical dimension.  Spherical
vision  will  often cause you to think you are in a  mirror  image
dimension, or a reversed copy of reality.  This means your  house,
for  example, will appear to be reversed, back to front.  This  is
caused  by  you  losing  your original  natural  viewpoint  during

At  some  point during the projection you have become  disoriented
and  taken  a  different  viewpoint from normal,  i.e.,  you  have
rotated  or  turned upside down or inside without thinking.   This

reverses your natural left right, up down viewpoint.  This  tricks
the  subconscious mind into reversing the place you are in so your
conscious mind can function properly.

As  you  don't have a physical body in the astral, if you want  to
look  behind yourself you don't have to turn around,  or  move  at
all.  You just change your viewpoint to the rear.  This, when done
without moving, causes the mirror image effect, in a way its  like
looking in a mirror to see behind.

The  diagram below illustrates this reversal of viewpoint  without
turning, note left and right do not change:

                          Right     |         Right
             (A)   <<<<<<<<<--------|-------->>>>>>>>>>   (B)
                          Left      |         Left

That  is,  if viewpoint (A) becomes viewpoint (B) without turning,
then   Left   and  Right  are  not  reversed.   This  causes   the
subconscious mind to use its creative power to correct the view by
reversing  it,  or  parts of it. This is easier and  causes  fewer
problems for the conscious mind than if it had to try and accept a
reversal of left and right.

A  similar effect can be had by lying down and looking above  your
head,  or  standing on your head and trying to pick the  left  and
right  sides  of things.  This causes a slight confusion  in  your
sense  of  left and right, i.e., you have to consciously calculate
which  is left and right from your reversed position.  This slight
confusion  is  all  that is needed to trick the subconscious  mind
into creating something easier to accept.

Your  brain  is unable to assimilate this reversal and thus  gives
you a new perspective according to what it feels is left and right
at  the time.  Once you consciously notice this anomaly it is  too
late to reverse it.  The brain cannot accept a conscious change of
left and right.

If  you  understand  spherical vision though, and  happen  to  get
reversed  sometime during a projection, it is no longer a problem.
You  can  take it into account and function normally, rather  than
thinking  you  are  wasting  your  time  in  some  strange  mirror
dimension,  i.e., if you had plans to do something in  the  astral
you  still  can.   All  you have to do is, take  your  left  right
coordinates from the building or structure around you, and  ignore
your own sense of left and right completely.

Everything  you  see  while you are in  the  astral  dimension  is
directly  perceived by the mind.  It is a simple  matter  for  the
subconscious mind to twist or reverse, all, or even part of,  your
conscious perception of reality during a projection.

Note:  This reversal of viewpoint can happen many times during any
one real time projection.

                   Creative Visualisation Power

The  subconscious mind has VASTLY greater powers of  visualisation
than the conscious mind.  It is like comparing a super computer to
an  child's  calculator.   In  the astral  dimension,  during  any
conscious projection or lucid dream, where the conscious  mind  is
aware,   this   difference  can  cause   great   confusion.    The
subconscious   mind  simmers  beneath  the  surface   during   any
projection.  All that creative power is just bursting to get  out,
to  create,  and it will do just that any chance  it  gets.   This
difference in creative power, combined with the lifelong habit  of
normal  frontal vision, is the cause of the "Alice  In  Wonderland
Effect."  Let me explain....

Take these together:

1. The incredible creative power of the subconscious mind.
2. The weak creative powers of the conscious mind.
3. The sensitivity of astral matter to thought.
4. Spherical vision.
5. Left, right sense reversals.

And you have a recipe for total confusion.

                  The Alice In Wonderland Effect

You   project  your  astral  body  and  look  around  your   room.
Everything appears normal, but suddenly, you notice the door is on
the wrong wall? While looking around, you have seen this door with
your  rear  vision,  confusing your  natural  left,  right,  brain
perspective.  The brain can't assimilate this because your frontal
perspective, and the position of the furniture, pictures,  windows
etc, are normal; but the view behind you is reversed.  This tricks
the  subconscious  mind into creating a door where  it  thinks  it
should  be.   When  you look at this door, it appears  real,  even
though  you  know  it is in the wrong place.   Once  it  has  been
created,  it  will not be uncreated, as that would be unacceptable
to  your conscious mind.  i.e.  solid doors don't normally have  a
habit of vanishing before your eyes.

When  you  turn  to  where the door really should  be,  you  will,
usually, find the door there as normal.  Now you may have two,  or

more, doors where there should only be one.  If you go through the
real  door,  you will find the rest of the house as it should  be,
hopefully.   But, if you go through a false door, the  mind  knows
its  false  and won't accept it opening to a normal part  of  your
house that it knows can't possibly be there.  So, if you open this
door  you  will find something else.  It is usually a corridor  or
passage, you don't have, leading off into other parts of the house
you don't have either.

From  then on, if you go through this door, you are in Wonderland,
where  everything is possible, just not very plausible.  What  you
are  doing,  in  effect,  is  entering the  astral  dimension  via
uncontrolled creation, through this door you don't have,  but  now
do.   Once  the  subconscious mind starts creating  like  this  it
continues  to  do  so at a geometric rate.  It  has  to,  for  the
conscious mind to assimilate the abnormal situation it is in.   At
some  stage,  in  this creative maelstrom, the  subconscious  mind
loses  it  completely and starts tuning in to other parts  of  the
astral.  At this point of the projection, all semblance of reality
is lost and you fade into the astral dimension proper.

There  are  many  ways  this "Alice" effect can  happen  during  a
projection, the above example is just one variation.  It has  been
noted by many projectors that at sometime during a projection they
seem  to  lose  control  of it.  Objects  appear,  disappear,  and
generally  everything  gets a little  strange.   This  is  caused,
basically, by the subconscious mind's vast creative ability  being
triggered.  It starts making and unmaking things, and tuning  into
other   areas  of  the  astral  and  generally  making  everything
difficult for the poor projector.

To  avoid  the above problem:  Concentrate on what you  are  doing
while  you  are  projecting and don't let your mind  wander.   The
vision  reversal  problem can be minimised if you  concentrate  on
your  forward  vision  during  projection,  i.e.,  focus  in   one
direction  at a time.  When you turn, follow the room around  with
your  vision and don't allow it to flit from one view to  another.
The astral is not a good place to relax if you have serious plans.

The  vast  creative  power of the subconscious  can,  however,  be
utilised. It is an extremely valuable tool if you know how to  use
it.   I  will outline ways to do this, in the third part  of  this
series,  under the heading:  "Virtual Reality Projection" where  I
will outline how to custom create your own personal astral realm.

                           Melting Hands

When  you project the astral body close to the physical world  you
do  not have a body as such.  But, the mind cannot accept this and
so provides a thought form one made out of etheric matter.  If you
try  and  look  at your body, say your hands, you will  find  they
start  to  melt very quickly.  They look pale and odd,  and  in  a
couple of seconds your fingers start to melt away like ice under a
blow  torch.  They shorten into pale stumps, then the rest of your
hand  and  arm starts to melt away too.  This melting effect  only
seems to happen when you deliberately try and observe a body  part
or consciously create something.

Deliberately  observing an astral body part like  this,  uses  the
conscious  mind,  which, having poor creative powers,  can't  hold
complex  shapes together for very long and it is this that  causes
the  melting effect.  If you happen to notice parts of your  body,
in  passing,  during projection this melting effect  will  not  be

                   Created Thought Form Objects

You   can  use  your  conscious  mind  to  create  objects   while
projecting.  The duration of these, thought form, created  objects
depends  on  the strength of your creative visualisation  ability.
It  also  depends  on how much time and effort you  put  in  to  a

This  same  melting phenomena happens with any conscious  creation
done in the astral dimension.  If you create for example, a sword,
it  will appear in your hand just as you imagine it, briefly,  and
then  melt away just like the hand did.  If you concentrate on  it
you can hold it in shape, but as soon as your concentration wavers
so  does  the creation. This is similar to any other visualisation
you  do  in  the  real world. It is difficult,  and  you  have  to
concentrate  to  hold the visualisation in your minds  eye.   Once
your  concentration  wavers, so does the visualised  image.   This
illustrates the vast difference between the creative powers of the
conscious and the subconscious mind.

To  make  a  lasting  thought form object you have  to  trick  the
subconscious mind into creating it for you.  I will deal with this
subject, in greater depth, later in the series.

                    How does Projection Happen?

During  sleep, the energy body, also known as the etheric body  or
vitality sheath, is put on charge.  It expands and opens in  order
to  accumulate  and store energy.  The energy body can,  normally,
only  do  this in its expanded state during sleep.  Once expanded,
the chakras trickle power, in the form of etheric matter, into the
energy  body.  During  this recharging  process  the  astral  body
separates and tunes into the astral dimension where it can  create
and experience dreams.

If  this  separation is done consciously, or if you  become  aware
after  it, you can take some control over it.  It then becomes  an
OOBE, astral projection or lucid dream.

The  main  differences between an OOBE, astral  projection  and  a
lucid dream are:

                             The OOBE

The  OOBE (out of body experience) is a real time projection close
to  the physical world.  This often occurs as part of a near death
experience.  This is where a person is knocked out of  their  body
as  a  result  of some kind of severe trauma, i.e.  car  accident,
surgery,  heart attack, child birth etc.  OOBE'ers  are  aware  of
things  happening  in  the  real world,  in  real  time;  such  as
conversations  and  events  centred  around,  or  near  to,  their
physical body.  In many cases, these events and conversations  are
accurately  reported  by the person after they  have  returned  to
their body.

Note:   The  OOBE is slightly different from astral projection  or
lucid  dreaming because of its real time, objective aspect.   This
is  caused by the astral body containing a large amount of etheric
matter, which holds it close to the physical world.

There are two main causes of real time OOBE:

1. A  person's body is near death, or thinks it is, which causes a 
   large amount of etheric matter to be channelled into the astral
   body in preparation for the death process.
2. The person has active chakras which are doing a similar  thing,
   i.e. channelling  etheric matter into the  astral body.  Having
   active chakras can be a natural ability, or it can be developed 
   by training.

   Note: You can project consciously, and have a real time OOBE
   if  enough etheric matter is generated by the chakras. In an 
   OOBE,  reality  is perceived as objective (real) and time is 
   normal (real time).

Technically, when you project into the physical world in real time
as  in  an OOBE, it is really into the boundary area of the buffer
zone,  between the physical and astral dimensions.  If the  astral
body contains enough etheric matter it can exist only slightly out
of  phase from reality.  This means the projection is in real time
and  so close to the physical dimension as to be indistinguishable
from it.

Note:   I  have  checked this many times, by projecting,  in  real
time,  during the day and scouting my local area for  road  works,
accidents,  incidents  etc,  then verifying  the  accuracy  of  my
findings afterwards.

There  are  strong  natural  barriers  to  conscious,  real   time
projection,  the  OOBE,  in the physical  world.   The  amount  of
etheric matter generated and channelled to the astral body, is one
of  them.   It limits the duration of any real time projection  to
the degree of chakra development and control.

                       The Astral Projection

This  is  where  the  astral  body is projected  into  the  astral
dimension,  where things are quite different from the real  world.
Time is distorted and extended, i.e., an hour in the astral can be
like  a  few minutes in the physical dimension, depending on  what
part of the astral you are in.  Reality is fluid and changeable.

                          The Lucid Dream

This  is where a person becomes fully aware that they are dreaming
during  a dream.  They either take some kind of conscious  control
over the course of events, or they convert the experience into  an
astral  projection.  Lucid dreaming is more similar to  an  astral
projection than to an OOBE, as time and reality are distorted.

                 Astral Projection Or Lucid Dream?

Many  astral  projectors black out before making a conscious  exit
from  their  body and return to awareness in the astral dimension.
You  become  aware after the actual separation from  the  physical
body and are usually already in the astral dimension.  If you miss
the  conscious  exit from your body you are technically  having  a
lucid  dream,  not an astral projection as you have  become  aware
after separation.

All  three types of projection are closely related, i.e., they all
involve   the  astral  body  separating  from  the  physical   and

experiencing a reality separate from the physical body.

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most welcome.  If  corresponding  via email, however, please keep  
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                        Volume II - v1.1
                              Part 2
                           Robert Bruce
                     Copyright(C) 2 July 1994

                           Starting Out

After  the physical body has fallen asleep, the astral body always
projects  into  the  physical world.  Once  the  energy  body  has
expanded,  the astral body floats free and hovers just  above  the
physical  body,  but within the expanded energy  body's  field  of
influence.   Within this field, known as cord activity range,  the
astral body is held close to the physical world as it is within  a
field of etheric matter.

During  a conscious astral projection it may appear as if you  are
projecting straight into an astral plane.  But there is always  an
intermediary phase at the beginning, when you are existing  as  an
astral form close to the physical dimension.  This, real time part
of any projection, may be missed if you black out at the moment of
projection. The area around the body, within cord activity  range,
is  flooded  with etheric matter and within this field the  astral
body is held in real time close to the physical dimension.

                          Etheric Matter

Etheric matter is the actual life force substance generated by all
living things by simply being alive.  It is a substance in-between
physical matter and astral matter, part physical and part  astral.
This  etheric  matter has actual weight.  It  is  a  very  refined
substance  in  between matter and energy and  is  similar  to  its
coarser cousin, ectoplasm.

There  have been scientific studies done on this phenomena.  Dying
people  in hospitals have had their beds placed on delicate scales
shortly  before death and hooked up to EEG and ECG  monitors.   In
all  cases, at the exact moment of death, a sudden weight loss  of
approximately one quarter of an ounce is observed.  This is caused
by  a  large amount of etheric matter being transferred  into  the
astral  body at the moment of physical death.  This is similar  to
the  sudden transfer of etheric matter into the astral body during
a near death experience where the body believes it is dying.  This
sudden,  massive transfer of etheric matter is the  start  of  the
death process.


Ectoplasm  has been studied in a similar fashion.  Materialisation
mediums  have  been placed on delicate scales and  then  asked  to
produced ectoplasm onto another set of fine scales.  These mediums
were  observed  to  lose weight at exactly the same  rate  as  the
weighed  ectoplasm gained weight.  When the medium reabsorbed  the
ectoplasm  this  weight  transfer  was  reversed.   Ectoplasm   is
produced by the chakras.  It converts part of the physical mass of
the mediums body into another substance, ectoplasm.

                  Interdimensional Manifestation

Any  non-physical  or  disincarnate entity, including  the  astral
body,  in  order to function, in real time, close to the  physical
dimension;  must contain etheric matter.  Without etheric  matter,
nonphysical  entities  fade back into their dimension  of  origin.
Etheric matter can only be obtained from living inhabitants of the
physical world.

                            Energy Flow

The  famed  "Silver Cord" does more than just tie the  two  bodies
together.   It is a true umbilical cord, transmitting  information
and energy between the physical and subtle bodies.  It is seen  by
some  projectors  and not seen by others.  Sometimes  it  is  seen
emanating from the navel, sometimes from the forehead.   The  area
the  cord  is  seen emanating from may depend on chakra  activity.
Whichever chakra is the strongest, most active, could have control
of  energy  flow to the subtle bodies.  There is also  the  belief
system of the projector to consider and the creative power of  the
subconscious  mind.  The cord will usually appear to  be  wherever
you believe it will be, courtesy of the subconscious.

Once  the astral body enters the astral dimension it must  have  a

good supply of astral energy from the chakras in order to interact
strongly with that dimension.  Clear astral memory depends greatly
on the amount of energy available.  As the astral dimension is the
natural domain of the astral body, it will not fade out of it  due
to  a  lack  of  energy. As in the real world, if a person  hasn't
eaten  or  slept for a few days they don't dissolve  into  another
dimension.   They  just get weak and listless and  don't  interact
strongly with the physical world.

What  it boils down to is this:  The astral mind must have  enough
energy  to give it strong, vivid memories.  These astral  memories
must be strong enough to make a good sized wrinkle in the physical
brain, so the physical mind can recall them when it wakes up.

For  example,  if  you haven't slept for a few days  you  will  be
tired, listless and your interaction with reality will be weak and
vague.   If  you see a movie in this tired state you  will  retain
little  memory of it. Afterwards, you may only remember  fragments
of  it  and your memory of it will be a vague blur.  If,  however,
you  see  a  movie  when you are well rested, fresh  and  full  of
energy,  it is different.  You take in everything about the  movie
and enjoy it.  Your memory of it will be crystal clear.

This  is  similar  to  what happens after  a  low  powered  astral
journey.  The astral body lacks energy and so does not have  clear
enough  impressions of its journey.  This causes it to fail making
its  memories  the  dominant ones when it returns  return  to  the
physical  body.  As I stated earlier, there must be strong,  vivid
memories if a wrinkle is to be made in the physical brain and  the
experience remembered.

                            Chakras Use

Fully developing the chakras and learning how to control them  can
take  many  years, depending on natural ability.  This  will  not,
however, stop you using them in a very basic way; to enhance  your
OOBE's   and  lucid  dreams,  at  a  very  early  stage  in   your
development.   Raising  energy  and  stimulating  the  chakras  is
extremely  simple  to do.  This raised energy  will  automatically
flow into your astral body, prior to and during projection.

By  learning to raise energy and control the flow of power through
the  chakras, the nature of your dreams, lucid dreams  and  OOBE's
will   change.    They   will  become  vivid   and   unforgettable
experiences.   This, in a way, gives you a second  life,  full  of
rich experiences you can enjoy, learn and grow from.

               Higher Levels And Their Buffer Zones

The  commonly  accepted  names  for  the  seven  known  levels  of
existence, from lowest to highest, are:  Physical, Astral, Mental,
Buddhic,  Atmic,  Anupadaka  and Adi.   These  higher  planes  are
similar in structure to the astral dimension but at a much  higher
level  of consciousness and are completely separate from  it.   In
between  the  different levels are intermediary  areas  or  buffer
zones, sometimes called lower sub planes.

A good analogy for the different dimensions and their buffer zones
is  the  Earth's atmosphere:  If the air in the Earth's atmosphere
was  the  astral dimension, the stratosphere would be  the  buffer
zone  and the vacuum of space would be the mental dimension.   You
can  fly  in  the Earth's atmosphere in a normal air  plane/astral
body.   A  very powerful jet plane is needed to take you into  the
stratosphere,  but you need a space ship/mental  body,  to  travel
through  space.   This  explains why a different  subtle  body  is
needed to travel into these different levels of existence.

The  astral body can enter the buffer zones, or sub planes, of the
dimensions  above and below the astral dimension, if  it  contains
the  correct  type of energy.  i.e.  To exist in the  buffer  zone
between the physical/astral levels (in real time) the astral  body
must  contain etheric energy.  To exist in the buffer zone between
the astral/mental levels it must contain mental energy.

                      Higher Level Projection

With  enough control over the chakras, the energy for these higher
levels can be produced.  The production of one particular type  of
energy will raise the consciousness to that level and energise the
corresponding  subtle body.  This is usually done by consciousness
raising  meditation and advanced energy work on the chakras.   The
consciousness  can then experience that level  of  existence.   If
enough  energy  is  available,  and  conditions  are  right,   the
meditator  can  project that particular subtle body directly  into
its natural dimension.

Depending on the skill and natural ability of the operator,  if  a
higher body is energised and projected so, usually, are the  lower

ones.   The  astral body contains within it all the  other  subtle
bodies and can, during a projection, project the mental body  into
the mental dimension and so on.  This will sometimes give multiple
sets  of  memories from the one projection.  The general rule  is,
whichever subtle body contains the greatest amount of energy, will
have the strongest memories.  These dominant memories will be  the
ones  retained by the physical mind upon its return to the  waking

Projecting   consciously  into  levels  higher  than  the   astral
dimension  takes a high level of skill.  You need to be proficient
in  both  consciousness  raising and chakra  control,  but  it  is
achievable.   I  have, so far, projected into the Astral,  Mental,
Buddhic  and  Atmic levels of existence.  It is commonly  believed
that  it  is only possible for a human to project into the Astral,
Mental  and  Buddhic levels and not possible to project  into  the
higher Adi and Anupadaka.

These  dimensions have been named, and are described,  so  someone
must have been there or they would be unknown.  If you realise the
true  nature of the mind you will understand there are no  limits.
It  was  also  once  said that the sound barrier  would  never  be

BTW:   These  dimensions  don't  have  signposts  on  them  saying
"Welcome to the Astral dimension, ta...daa!" or "Mental dimension,
watch  your mind!".  So I will describe the higher levels  I  have
been to using these accepted names.

                       The Astral Dimension

This  is  a  topsy-turvy  world like Alice  found  in  Wonderland.
Everything  seems  objective (real) but is changeable  and  fluid.
Anything  and  everything can be found there,  from  base,  coarse
levels full of sexual energy; to beautiful, serene places full  of
spiritual harmony.  Time is distorted and extended there.  An hour
in  the  Astral  can  seem like only a few  minutes  here  in  the
physical.   Compared to the physical world it is at a much  higher
vibration.  It's like playing a video tape at twenty times  normal
speed, although this is not apparent when you are there.

Moving  amongst the astral dream pools is usually a  hit  or  miss
affair for most projectors.  It takes a lot of experience to  make
planned astral journeys to specific realities.

There  are  an  infinite number of realities, planes,  realms  and
dream pools in this dimension.  As I stated before, they naturally
strata and settle into pools of related thought.  During sleep, or
in  a  lucid  dream,  the subconscious mind  usually  creates  one
especially  for  you, your own personal dream theatre.   When  you
become  aware  during  a dream, you take control  over  it.   This
control  is  taken  over  from  the  powerful  subconscious  mind.
Without  its powerful controlling influence, your personal  custom
created  realm  will  change.  You will begin  tuning  into  other
sympathetic parts of the astral, and the reality you are  in  will
mix with other realities and take on different aspects.

In  a conscious projection into the astral dimension, you can tune
into  any  part  of it and travel into different realities,  other
dream  pools, or a mix of many.  There are various techniques  for
this  but  they all involve some way to disorient the subconscious
mind, tricking it into moving you into a different Astral reality.
Some  projectors look at their hands and watch them melt.   Others
spin  around,  causing left right reversals.   These  methods  all
disorient  the  mind and trick the subconscious into  tuning  into
another part of the astral.

It's  very  difficult to describe how to move amongst the  levels,
you  really  have to learn by doing it, by trial and  error.   You
have to learn how to use and control the subconscious mind, how to
trick it for a specific result.

                    Virtual Reality Projection

Here  is  a  simple, reliable method, I have developed, to  create
your  own  personal  realm:  Get a poster  of  a  pleasant  scene,
something  bright and sunny.  The bigger the better, but  standard
poster  size  will do.  Hang it on the wall of the  room  you  are
going  to  project  in, or another room close  by.   Get  a  small
spotlight  and set it so the poster is highlighted when  the  main
light  is  turned off, a normal directional bedside lamp will  do.
Place the light under, or above, so the light spreads out over  it
giving  a  diffused effect illuminating it, a  bit  like  a  movie

Entering  your  custom realm:  When you project,  go  towards  the
poster,  keeping your mind blank.  Don't think about what you  are
doing, just gaze at it and move towards it.  As you approach it in
this way, your subconscious mind will be tricked into creating  an
astral  realm exactly like the poster.  Just move up to  and  into

the  poster.  It is like stepping into another world.   Everything
in  this world will be exactly like in the poster.  It will appear
to   be   a  normal  three  dimensional  world,  an  exact   copy,
indistinguishable from reality.

To  customise this world:  Cut and paste small pictures of things,
or  people, you want to find in this world with you when you enter
it.  Don't just stick a whole picture on the poster.  Get scissors
and  cut around the object, or person.  Try and find pictures that
are approximately the same scale as the poster.  If you cut out  a
small  picture of someone, living or dead, your subconscious  will
create a thought form shell of them and they will be there waiting
for  you. This may be an excellent way of communicating with those
that have died.

Spirit Communication:  (I have a theory)  The subconscious creates
this  thought form shell of a person.  This shell can be  animated
by  the  perfect, detailed memory of your subconscious.   But,  if
there  is  love  there,  between the projector  and  this  created
person, the spirit of this, diseased person, will be drawn to this
scenario  and  will use this opportunity to communicate  with  the
projector, by animating the created image of their body.

                        The Akashic Records

These  are found in the buffer zone between the astral and  mental
worlds, part astral part mental and, in a way, extending into  all
levels.   They  are a record of every thought and event  that  has
ever  occurred,  like  a huge, infinite, mental  history,  picture
book.   The  Akashic  records also contain probabilities  stemming
from, and created by, past events, actions and thoughts.  This  is
like  looking into the future.  To make any kind of sense  of  the
Akashic records yourself, some skill in clairvoyance is a definite

If  you  tune into the Akashic records yourself you will  normally
see  those  events  with the greatest amount energy  around  them.
Wars  and  disasters are the easiest to see because of this.   The
energy surrounding these events make them stand out above all  the
rest, making them easier to see.  If you look into the future, the
area  of  probabilities, you enter into a confusing  maelstrom  of
symbolism mixed with actual events.

This future symbolism is caused by the belief systems of the major
religions.  Millions of people in the world have believed in  some
form  of  prophecy  for thousands of years.   Whether  it  is  the
Bible's   "Book of Revelations" or the prophecies of  Nostradamus.
These  ancient  prophecies are all richly  steeped  in  symbolism.
This  symbolism affects the way people think and dream  about  the
future.  This symbolism, in turn, manifests in the Akashic records
as symbolic representations of future events.  The symbolism is  a
big help, it makes consulting the Akashic records easier.

You  can use the Akashic symbolism as an index.  For example,  the
reference  below to "The Dogs of War" is easily understandable  as
representing  war.   The "Grim Reaper" is a  universal  symbol  of
death and destruction.  So, if you are interested in this kind  of
future  event  you  tune into this symbolic index  for  WAR,  then
browse  through the category of past and future wars.  Apart  from
some  clairvoyant  ability,  a knowledge  of  history,  geography,
religious  symbolism, current affairs world leaders and  heads  of
state is a big help; when indexing past and future events.

For  example, in the future vision I give below:  If I  had  known
WHO  the well known person I saw addressing a crowd below WAS, and
recognised  the country; I could have made an accurate  prediction
of future events instead of being wise, AFTER the event.

I  entered the state of consciousness called the Akashic  records.
There  I was inundated with a mass of symbolism.  I was seeing  in
four  dimensions  at once.  My conscious mind did  not  assimilate
this   very  well.   I  saw  wars,  famines,  plagues,  disasters,
earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, plane crashes, murders,  etc,  it
was terribly confusing and depressing.

I  saw  one piece of symbolism I recognised though and tuned  into
it,  indexed  it.   The Grim Reaper holding The Dogs  of  War  (as
described  by  various prophets) These dogs were  fearsome  beasts
with Red eyes and slavering jaws.  They were held in check by this
hooded  figure, with an evil skull for a face, carrying a  sickle.
He released these dogs as I watched, symbolising a coming war.

Tuning into this scene, I was there floating above it all, I could
feel  the  sunshine and smell the city below  me.   I  saw  a  man
standing  on a raised dais, under two giant scimitar  swords.   He
was  giving a charismatic speech to many thousands of people.  One
of the swords turned into a Christian Crusader's broad sword.  The
man  was Saddam Hussein, the scene was in Baghdad, at the monument

to the unknown soldier.  I saw this six months before the Gulf war
started.   I  did not learn WHO Saddam Hussein WAS, or WHERE  this
scene  took place though, until it was televised during  the  gulf

Looking  through  the Akashic records is like leafing  through  an
infinite  mental photo album.  You are bombarded with  an  awesome
array  of  the  sights  and sounds of past, present  and  probable
futures.   You  have to select one of these thought records,  tune
into it and enter it.  You will then live through the record as if
you were really there, watching it as it happens.

Consulting with the Akashic records can be done alone if you  have
the skill, but is normally done with the assistance of an advanced
being from a higher level of existence.  This is done as a sort of
telepathic  guided tour.  The enormous amount of  information  and
chaff  is  filtered out for you and the selected record,  of  past
events  or  future probability, is presented to you clairvoyantly,
via a telepathic link with the...  librarian.

Some  people claim to have entered the Akashic Records  and  found
something  like  a  library there, with  real  books.   The  past,
present  and  future was recorded as text in  these  books.   Some
people even say they have read a record, then entered into it, and
experience the record first hand.

All  these claims are consistent with the Akashic Records.   These
are  librarian  assisted guided tours, where the  Akashic  Records
have been presented as something familiar, easy to use and easy to

                       The Mental Dimension

This  is  a  spectacular dimension!  Iridescent  rivers  of  sound
bounded by rainbow shores of pulsating light.  Thoughts appear  as
kaleidoscopic patterns of light and sound.  You walk across fields
of  ideas  under a sparkling crystal sky of inspiration.   If  you
enter this world don't try to rationalise or understand it, or you
may go mad, for it is beyond human understanding.  Just accept  it
all, go with the flow and enjoy it!

This dimension is what, I believe, the ancient Vikings called  the
famed  "Rainbow Bridge" into Asgard.  It truly looks and feels  as
if  you  are walking up a rainbow into some wonderful world  where
the Gods must surely dwell.

Exist here in wondrous amazement.  Let loose the child within  you
to  play  in  this fairy wonderland.  Everything  feels  real  and
solid.  Time is even further distorted here than in the Astral and
reality is kaleidoscopic.

                         Buddhic Dimension

This  is  a  warm,  abstract world filled  with  utter  peace  and
infinite  love.   It is a dimension of pure White.   There  is  no
sight  or  sound  perception here other than  the  all  pervading,
brilliant  White.   In this dimension you very quickly  relinquish
conscious  thought and individuality.  You cannot think  for  long
once  you  enter  here and there is no need or desire  to  do  so.
There  is an irresistible urge drawing you into a quiet stillness.
It  is  like being immersed in warm, pure White cotton  wool.   In
this  world you cease to be an individual and you become, PART  OF
THE  ONE.  You also cease to be male or female.  In a way this  is
like returning to the Mother's womb.  You are surrounded, absorbed
and   assimilated   by  infinite  loving  warmth,   understanding,
forgiveness and atonement.  AT-ONE-MENT

Time here ceases to have any meaning.  If you enter this world you
will never, ever want to leave it, you cannot leave it, until your
physical  body  calls and drags you back.  This  is  the  healing,
resting place of the soul.

                          Atmic Dimension

This  dimension appears be the spirit world.  Here,  spirits  wait
for  those  they loved during their time on earth.   This  is  the
happy  place of the gathering.  It is the place where the  reunion
of souls takes place.

The light in this world is purest, brightest silver, brighter than
the  flash  of an arc welder.  It is so bright it seems impossible
to  look  at,  but it is, for all that, a supremely gentle  light,
soft  and  soothing.  It is the light of divine love.  The  people
here  appear as they did in the physical world, but at their  most
magnificent.   They glow ecstatically, ablaze with  the  brightest
love,  happiness and joy imaginable.  The atmosphere  is  electric
and  vital, but at the same time deeply spiritual.  In this  world
you  can  FEEL  the  presence of God as a tangible  all  pervading

Communication  here,  is  done by high level  telepathic  imaging,
similar to one-on-one clairvoyance only much more vivid and  real.
It  leaves speech and thought for dead.  Time stands utterly still
here.   Reality  is  more  real  and solid  than  normal  reality.
Compared to this, the physical world is a vague, tired dream  full

of half dead people.

I  have  entered this dimension only four times in my life.   Each
time  from the very deepest consciousness raising meditation, with
all  my  chakras wide open and fully functioning.  There was  also
extreme  crown chakra activity.  The feeling of this  was  like  a
thousand fingers vibrating, and deeply massaging, the whole top of
my head above the hairline.

On  these  four  occasions  my  energy  has  soared  to  seemingly
impossible heights within me, carrying my spirit and consciousness
with  it.  At the climax of this deeply mystical experience I have
heard  the  sound of one long, pure musical note slowly rising  in
pitch.   I  have  felt this note in the core of my  being,  in  my
heart, calling me, drawing me to it.

I  have focused on this note and attuned to it.  With every  ounce
of   strength   and  energy  I  possessed  I  have   focussed   my
consciousness  on  it  and projected to  it.   Stripping  away  my
physical body, I have projected straight into this dimension.   It
was  just  like stepping, slipping, through a heavy  curtain  into
another  place and another world.  I am still aware of my physical
body, duality, during this whole experience.

I  look about me with wonder, the light is so silver and bright it
burns  deeply into my soul and I can feel its healing touch within
me.  There in front of me is my long dead son.  He was eight years
old  when he left me, and he looked just as he did when I last saw
him.   He was beaming with happiness, his eyes bright and shining.
I  cuddled  him up to me and wept with the joy of seeing  him.   I
looked  beyond  him and there was a large crowd of people  waiting
for  me.   These were all the friends and family I had  known  and
loved  and lost during my life. There were also many people I  did
not know.  They all seemed very familiar though and I felt I loved
them all.  They were clapping and jumping up and down, cheering me
in greeting.  There were many tears of joy and lots of hugging and

Looking beyond them, I see we are in a natural stone amphitheatre.
The  ground  is smooth rock and it rises to a ridge  a  couple  of
hundred  meters away that curves towards us.  On the top  of  this
ridge  are  Angels.   They looked just like Michaelangelo  painted
them.   They were incredibly beautiful, with large White feathered
wings,  curly  Golden hair and Alabaster skin.  They were  blowing
long  sparkling  golden horns, and the pure high  note  came  from

Stepping from the crowd I walked into the open.  I look in awe  at
these angels and wave at them.  The note started to die away as  I
did this and the Angels began lowering their horns.  I stand for a
timeless   moment  in  silence,  looking  all  around  me.    Then
everything  began  to shimmer and I slipped,  fell  back  into  my
physical body.  I wept.  I have never wanted to come back.


When  you  leave your body for the final time, at death,  this  is
what I believe will happen:

You  will  be  projecting, in real time, for the first  few  days,
close  to the physical world, until your supply of etheric  matter
runs out.  Then you will go through the second death and enter the
Astral dimension. There, you will purge yourself of all desire, by
being  able  to have anything you have ever wanted, in  abundance.
This  is  done  through having the full use of  your  subconscious
mind's  powerful  creative ability.  Here you  can  saturate  your
every  need  and  desire,  until you see  these  desires  for  the
illusions they really are.

You  will then shed your Astral (desire body) and enter the Mental
dimension.  There you will see your past life, examine and express
every  thought  you have ever had and every action you  have  ever
done. There, your thoughts, memories and experiences will be added
to  the  Akashic Record.  Which is the recorded experience of  the
entire human existence in the physical dimension.

Shedding  your  mental  body  you  will  then  enter  the  Buddhic
dimension.  There  you will stay for timeless healing,  for  rest,
atonement,  forgiveness and understanding of self.  In this  world
your  inner  wounds will heal and your soul will  be  nurtured  by
divine love.  Your spirit will become whole and perfect once more.

Then  you  will  shed  your  Buddhic  body  and  enter  the  Atmic
dimension.  There you will wait in the divine presence  for  those
you  love.   Then, one day, you will go on to the  next  level  of
existence;  where the last great mystery of life will be  revealed
to you....

---------- Robert Bruce ------------- ----------
Your  comments,  experiences and requests for help and advice are 
most welcome.  If  corresponding  via email, however, please keep  
your text to a minimum and *please* don't send great chunks of my 
work back to me. Thanks in advance for  your consideration.

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                        Volume II - v1.1
                              Part 3
                           Robert Bruce
                     Copyright(C) 2 July 1994

                        PROJECTION TRAINING

To  trigger  the  projection  of  the  Astral  body,  while  fully
conscious, there are four major requirements:

1. Relaxing your body 100% while staying awake.
2. Concentrating 100% on what you are doing.
3. Having enough energy available.
4. Pressuring the astral body to separate.

Together, these four things will trigger an OOBE.

Below  are  exercises  that will teach  how  to  relax  the  body,
concentrate, clear the mind, raise energy, stimulate  the  chakras
and enter the trance state.

                         CALMING THE MIND


You  must  learn and master, a full body relaxation exercise.   If
you  know one already it can be adapted to suit.  Here is  a  very
simple one:

Sit,  or  lie down, and relax.  Starting with the feet, tense  and
relax  them.   Continue this with calves, thighs,  hips,  stomach,
chest,  arms,  neck  and  face until your  whole  body  is  deeply
relaxed.  Go over this a few times, making sure your muscles  stay

Note:   Deep  physical relaxation is the key to  bringing  on  the
trance state, i.e., deep relaxation CAUSES the trance state.  Once
you  are  in  the trance state, projection on the astral  body  is
relatively easy.


When  you begin meditation, you will be plagued with thoughts from
your  surface mind, which acts like a huge Memo pad.   It  carries
messages,   reminders,  pressing  thoughts,  problems  to   solve,
unresolved  issues  etc. It is constantly busy,  it  NEVER  rests,
thoughts,  thoughts, thoughts, one after the other, all clamouring
for attention.

Before  you attempt to clear your mind, with the breath  awareness
exercise below, it is wise to deal with these surface thoughts  by
the act of contemplating them.  Sit comfortably, do the relaxation
exercise  and  think, nothing more, just think.   Search  out  the
strongest  thoughts in your mind and examine them, try to  resolve
and understand them.

Note the word:  THINKING.  Contemplation does not involve clearing
the  mind, or visualisation.  It requires you to THINK, deeply and
thoroughly, about something, to gain a deeper understanding of its
nature and how it relates to you, an insight.

                    Breath Awareness Meditation

This is a simple form of meditation.  It will clear your mind  and
focus your awareness.

Sit  or lie down, close your eyes, do the relaxation exercise  and
clear  your  mind.   Breathe deeply and slowly and  focus  on  the
breath entering and leaving your body.  Feel it coming in and feel
it  going out.  Focus your whole attention on your lungs  and  the
breathing  process.  This simple action is enough to  occupy  your
surface mind.  Firmly push intruding thoughts away, as they begin,
before they can gather strength and distract you.

Breath awareness occupies the surface mind and allows you to think
on a much deeper level.

                         Surface Thoughts

Sounds  are  very distracting, they generate surface thoughts.   A
car  horn will generate:  "Who's that, what's happening?"  A  door
opening  will  generate:  "Who's coming in  or  going  out?"   The
surface mind is always very curious about what is happening around
you.   It  wants to know all, and it wants to inform you of  every
little  thing going on around you.  It will pressure you  to  open
your eyes, get up and go find out what's happening.

Don't allow this to happen.  USE these annoying, attention getting
thoughts  as  a  training aide.  By learning to quash  and  ignore
them, your powers of concentration will grow.

Stop these annoying little thoughts as they begin, before they can
take root and grow into something stronger.

For example:

"Who's that, what's happening?"   becomes:  "Who's th............"

"Who's coming in, or going out?"  becomes:  "Who's co............"

With  practise  the start of these distracting thoughts  will  get
shorter and shorter until you get:

" Wh....?........?.........."   and   " W...?................... "

And finally:


Many people say they can't clear their mind as they are too easily

distracted by all the small noises that surround them,  in  normal
day  to  day activity.  DON'T use music or other sounds to blanket
these  out,  USE them for training.  It's like weight lifting,  if
you  train  with feather dusters your strength will not  increase.
You  need  to master this, the hard way, if you want to give  your
mind real muscle.

Slowly but surely you will master the ability to clear your  mind.
Once  accomplished, you will have gained a valuable  mental  tool.
You  will  be able to concentrate 100% of your attention,  on  one
task, to the TOTAL exclusion of everything else.

I  sometimes  meditate, in the trance state,  successfully,  in  a
noisy,  crowded room with little children crawling  all  over  me.
NOTHING breaks my concentration.


You  must be able to concentrate and focus completely on what  you
are doing.  Lack of concentration is the single, biggest cause  of
projection  failure.  It affects every aspect of projection,  from
the   relaxation  exercise,  to  the  trance  state   and   actual

To  test your ability to concentrate:  Sit and relax.  Close  your
eyes and clear your mind of ALL thought.  Breath slowly and deeply
and count each breath, at the end of each exhale.  Hold it totally
BLANK,  apart from the counting, for as long as you can.  See  how
long  you  can hold it like this.  Be honest with yourself,  every
time a thought intrudes start counting from the beginning again.

You  are  doing well if can do this for longer than  ten  breaths.
Ten  breaths  is, however, not long enough.  Don't  worry  though,
this can be improved on with the exercises below.

                    Concentration Exercise (1)

After  image  retention:  Relax, calm your mind,  and  look  at  a
candle  or  a  light bulb.  Place this light in front  of  you,  a
couple of feet away, and stare fixedly at it for a minute or  two.
Close  your  eyes  and concentrate on the after  image  this  will
generate behind your closed eyelids.  Try and keep sight of it for
as long as possible.  Use breath awareness to keep the mind clear,
while  you  are  doing this.  Try and make the after  image  grow,
instead of fading away.

                    Concentration Exercise (2)

One  point  stare:  Pick a spot on a wall and gaze at  it.   Don't
focus  on  it,  just gaze at it gently.  Clear your  mind  of  ALL
thoughts and forcibly hold it blank.  Concentrate HARD, on  breath
awareness  while  you are doing this.  When  you  feel  a  thought
beginning,  push it away, don't let it finish!  Hold this  for  as
long as you can.  Do this several times a day, or more if you can.

                    Concentration Exercise (3)

Energy breathing:  Sit and relax.  Close your eyes and clear  your
mind. Do the breath awareness exercise and imagine the air you are
breathing IN is brightly coloured energy of your favourite colour.
Imagine  the  air you are breathing OUT is a murky Grey,  full  of
toxic waste.  This is a purification exercise.  It stimulates your
chakras  into  absorbing energy on the inhale and getting  rid  of
negative energy on the exhale.

Note:   Try  your best not to tense up while you are  doing  these
concentration  exercises, it is ALL mental.  In the beginning,  it
may  feel as if you have to tense your mind into a tight  ball  to
stop  it  thinking, but in time you will find the opposite  to  be
true.   When  you  get  used  to it, clearing  the  mind  is  VERY

                         The Trance State

When  you  have  attained a deep level of  relaxation  and  mental
calmness,  you will feel your body begin to get very, very  heavy.
This  heaviness  is the main symptom of your brain waves  changing
from  the  Beta  to the Alpha level as you enter  a  trance.   The
trance  state  is  caused by deep physical and mental  relaxation.
There  is nothing weird or supernatural about it.  It simply means
your body has entered the sleep state while your conscious mind is
fully awake.

                       How To Enter A Trance

Do  the  relaxation  exercise and calm your  mind  through  breath
awareness.  Imagine you are climbing down a ladder  in  the  dark.
Don't visualise a ladder, just imagine you can feel yourself doing
it.   On the exhale, feel yourself climbing a step or two down the
ladder with your imaginary Hands (outlined below).  On the inhale,
feel  yourself holding still on the ladder.  What is needed  is  a
mental falling effect inside your mind.  This changes the level of
brain  wave  activity from the awake level (Beta)  to  the  asleep
level (Alpha) or the deep sleep level (Theta).  Once your level of

brain  wave activity reaches Alpha you will enter a trance.   Keep
doing  this for as long as it takes.  The time it takes  to  enter
trance   will  vary,  depending  on  your  experience  with   deep
relaxation and mental calmness.

Note:   Once  you  get the heavy feeling, stop the mental  falling

If  you  don't  like the ladder, imagine you are in a  lift,  feel
yourself  falling on the exhale and holding on  the  inhale.   Or,
Imagine  you  are a feather, feel yourself floating  down  on  the
exhale  and  holding still on the inhale.  As I stated above,  you
need  a  mental falling effect to lower your level of  brain  wave
activity.   This  mental falling effect, when combined  with  deep
relaxation and mental calmness, will cause you to enter the trance
state.   Feel  free to use any scenario you are familiar  with  to
bring about this going deeper feeling.

A  trance  feels like:  Everything gets quieter and you feel  like
you  are  in a much bigger place.  There is a very slight  humming
feeling in your body.  Everything feels different. It feels a  bit
like  putting a cardboard box over your head in the dark, you  can
feel  the  atmosphere change.  It's like everything goes fuzzy  or
slightly blurred.  Any sharp noises, while in trance, feel like  a
physical blow to the Solar Plexus.

                            Deep Trance

The   level  of  trance  you  achieve  depends  greatly  on   your
relaxation,  concentration skills and  will  power.   To  enter  a
deeper  trance,  i.e.,  Theta  level  and  beyond,  you  have   to
concentrate  much more and for much longer, on the mental  falling
sensation  aided by breath awareness.  The first level of  trance,
i.e.,  when  you  get  very  heavy,  is  quite  deep  enough   for
projection.   I  strongly advise against forcing  yourself  deeper
than a light trance, until you have plenty of experience with  the
trance state.

How  can  you tell if you are entering a deep trance?   There  are
four very noticeable symptoms:

1. An  uncomfortable feeling of cold that doesn't make you shiver, 
   coupled with a steady loss of body heat.
2. Mentally,  you  will  feel  very  odd  and everything will feel
   extremely slooooow. Your thought processes will slow down as if
   you had been given a strong pain killing injection.
3. You  will  feel  disassociated  from  your body, i.e., a strong
   floating sensation and everything will seem far away.
4. Total physical Paralysis.

Note:  These four things, ALL TOGETHER, signify you are entering a
deep trance.

Do  not mistake the mild floating sensation you sometimes get with
light trance, i.e., as you astral body comes loose.  Or the slight
loss  of body heat from sitting still for a long time and the mild
paralysis, i.e., the heaviness, for a deep trance.  The  sensation
of deep trance is quite uncomfortable and unmistakable for what it

It  is  very difficult to get into the deep trance state,  as  you
need  highly developed relaxation, concentration and trance  state
skills  plus  lots and lots of will power and mental energy.   You
will not accidentally fall into it.

If you are worried you are going too deep, remember this:

You CAN pull yourself out of it at any time.  Concentrate ALL your
will  on moving your fingers or toes.  Once you can move a  finger
or  toe,  flex your hands, move your arms, shake your head,  i.e.,
reanimate your body; and get up and walk around for a few minutes.
Falling  into  a  deep trance should not be a problem  with  these

I  have  seen many people in meditation groups etc, enter a  light
trance  and  not be able to pull themselves out of it, i.e.,  they
float  away with the faeries.  Usually some kind person will  talk
them  out  of it or massage their wrists etc to get them  to  come
back  to  reality.  This is unnecessary and is the result of  lop-
sided  training,  i.e., no concentration or will  power  training.
The  person  only THINKS they cannot come back and therefore  does
not  try  very  hard.  It is also a good way of getting  attention
from the group.

Note:   Your  mind  is extremely powerful and  has  vast  untapped
resources.  It  can  do ANYTHING, no limits,  if  it  is  trained,
conditioned and properly motivated.

                       Energy Body Expansion

At  some  point after entering the trance state, you will  feel  a
mild paralysis come over you.  This will soon be accompanied by  a
deepening vibration and a buzzing feeling all over.  You may  also
feel like you are huge and swollen.  The paralysis, vibrations and
the huge feeling are symptoms of the energy body expanding and the
astral  body loosening.  This is part of the normal sleep process.
The energy body expands and opens in order to accumulate and store
energy.   During this, the astral body drifts free,  slightly  out

phase with the physical body.

                        Trance Familiarity

Many people blow their projection simply because they are not used
to  the  trance  state.  They think it is a briefly opened  window
into  the Astral dimension.  This is simply NOT true.  If you stay
mentally and physically calm when you enter the trance state,  you
can  maintain it for hours.  I regularly spend several hours at  a
time in the trance state, during meditation.

If,  when  you enter trance, you think:  "Yes! I've done it!...I'm
in  a  trance!  Gotta hurry and get out quick...before it  stops!"
You'll  blow it for sure!  The trance will be ended by the  simple
act  of getting over excited, i.e., breaking relaxation and mental

It's  a  good idea to spend time in the trance state, just getting
used  to  it, before you try and project.  Just relax, stay  calm,
focus  on  breath awareness, and hold the trance.   It  won't  end
until you want it to.  Get used to how it feels.

When  you  are comfortable doing this, do the energy  raising  and
chakra stimulation exercises, below, in trance.

   1. You do not HAVE to be in a trance to learn energy and chakra
      work, it just works better in trance.
   2. Trance  practise can be done lying down, but is best done in 
      a comfortable arm chair.

Your astral body will be loose in the trance state, so try lifting
your  astral arms and legs out, one at a time.  Use your HANDS  to
do  this,  as  shown  in the next section.  Focus  and  FEEL  your
awareness in an arm and slowly lift it free of your body.  You may
feel  a slight tickling or localised dizziness inside your arm  or
leg, as you do this.  Lift your astral arm up and look at it, with
your  eyes  closed, but DON'T move a muscle.  In  this  state  you
should  be  able to see it through your closed eyelids, but  don't
worry if you can't, this will come later.

Lifting  your  astral arms free is good practise  for  projection.
Later,  you  will  use  these astral arms to pull your astral body 
free of the physical.

                          Tactile Imaging

Tactile  imaging  is a perception or FEELING of  localised  bodily

Your hands are very closely linked to your bodily awareness.  They
are intimately aware of every part of your body.  Imaginary HANDS,
outlined  below,  is  only an extension of  this  (hand  to  body)
awareness.  When you are asked to feel your awareness, in any part
of  your  body, PRETEND your hands, your real hands, are going  to
touch  that  area  of  your  body. Then  use  the  awareness  this
generates in that area to imagine your imaginary HANDS are there.

Keep  your  eyes closed and hold your hands out a foot  or  so  in
front of your face.  Concentrate, FEEL where they are and try  and
SEE  them  through the blackness behind your closed  eyes.   Cross
your  wrists, slowly move them about, turn your hands  over,  open
and  close your fingers.  Look hard, concentrate, as if  you  were
trying  to see in the dark, and you will see a faint moving shadow
in your minds eye, where your hands and arms are.

Close  your  eyes and touch the tip of your nose  with  the  index
finger  of  your  right hand.  You'll find you can accurately  put
that  finger on any part of your body with your eyes closed.   Try
it, put your hand, your real hand, on different parts of your body
like  this.   You know exactly where your hands are at all  times,
you  can  sense and feel where they are.  If you observe  what  is
happening in your mind, while you are doing this, you will  notice
you  become aware of the part of your body you are going to touch,
the instant you make the decision to touch it.

Go  over  your whole body like this, getting used to the sensation
of awareness it generates in different areas of your body.

What  is  happening is this:  Part of your mind is shifting  into,
and  HIGHLIGHTING, the area you are going to touch,  in  order  to
guide  your hand to the exact spot.  Your mind shifts part of  its
awareness  to  this spot and acts like a homing  beacon  for  your

The  ability to shift your awareness into different parts of  your
body like this is VITAL to energy work and this projection method.

Note:   You  do not have to actually visualise these HANDS,  i.e.,
see  or  imagine you can see them.  It is ALL tactile, NOT visual.
You  just have to be able to pretend to FEEL them doing something,
like you are rehearsing some simple action in your mind.

I  originally  developed this technique for blind  people.   Blind
people  cannot  visualise AT ALL, if they have  been  blind  since
birth,  but  they  do have a very keen sense of bodily  awareness.
The  majority  of  sighted  people also have  great  trouble  with
visualisation  of  any kind, and all projection techniques  depend

heavily  on  visualisation.  This being the case,  I  developed  a
projection  technique  that does NOT depend  on  visualisation  to
exert  pressure on the astral body to separate.  It turned out  to
be   so   much  easier,  and  more  successful,  than  the   other
visualisation based techniques, that I discarded them in favour of
this simple tactile method.

Note:  Blind people are not blind in astral form.  The astral body
does  not  have any organs as such, it is a point of consciousness
only.   The  astral  body  you are aware of  while  projecting  is
provided courtesy of the subconscious minds creative ability.

---------- Robert Bruce ------------- ----------
Your  comments,  experiences and requests for help and advice are 
most welcome.  If  corresponding  via email, however, please keep  
your text to a minimum and *please* don't send great chunks of my 
work back to me. Thanks in advance for  your consideration.
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                        Volume II - v1.1
                              Part 4
                           Robert Bruce
                     Copyright(C) 2 July 1994

                         BASIC ENERGY WORK

                         The Major Chakras

The major chakras are situated at:

1. MASTER: Base chakra (base of spine, between anus and genitals)
2. Spleen chakra (slightly below the belly button)
3. Solar Plexus chakra (1 hand-span above the belly button)
4. MASTER: Heart chakra (centre of the chest)
5. Throat chakra (base of throat, above where it joins the chest)
6. Brow chakra (exact centre of forehead)
7. MASTER: Crown chakra (whole top of head above the hairline)

They  are  best imagined as roughly the size of the palm  of  your
hand, except for the crown chakra which is much larger.

                         What Are Chakras?

Chakras  are  non-physical  organs that  transform  raw  Kundalini
energy  into  more  subtle, and useable, forms  of  energy,  of  a
different  type.  The chakras do not, themselves, contain  energy.
Raw  energy  is drawn up from the planet, by the minor chakras  in
the legs and feet, and fed into the main chakra system.

Kundalini  energy  is,  in  essence,  pure  thought  energy   that
permeates  and  binds the universe together.  This  living  energy
field  can be tapped, more deeply, by the application of focussed,
creative  will.   It  can  be  drawn  into  the  human  body   and
transformed, by the chakra system, into a more subtle and  useable
form of energy.

The chakras are attached to the spinal cord and nervous system via
certain  glands  and  nerve ganglia.  The full  chakra  system  is
extremely complex.  There are 3 master, 4 major and over 300 minor
chakras  in  the human body.  There are also several  non-physical
chakras situated outside of the body.  Detailed maps of the chakra
system and their connecting meridians and pathways, have been used
for  thousands  of years in Eastern mysticism and medicine,  i.e.,
acupuncture. The chakra system is used with every psychic ability,
no  exceptions.  Whatever  the  psychic  ability,  the  method  of
development or the terminology used to describe it, it is all done
the  same  way,  through chakra stimulation.  It is impossible  to
manifest  any  psychic  ability  without  first  stimulating   the

Many  people will deny this, above, and claim they have never done
any  chakra, energy work, but still have psychic abilities.  There
are  many ways to develop yourself, agreed, but they all, directly
or  indirectly, stimulate the chakra system.  And let's not forget
natural  ability.  Many  people are  born  with  naturally  active
chakras and hence, natural psychic ability.

Mediums are people who exhibit psychic abilities when aided  by  a
nonphysical spirit entity.  This entity stimulates the chakras  of
the  medium  directly,  by melding with  the  medium  and  causing
psychic  abilities, clairvoyance, channelling, healing, production
of ectoplasm etc to manifest through the medium.  This is why they
are  called  Mediums or channels, i.e., they have the  ability  to
become  a  passive  vehicle  for a spirit  entity  to  affect,  or
communicate with, the physical world.

You  do  not  need a spirit entity to develop and use,  a  psychic
ability. If you learn to control your own chakras and energy,  you
can  do  these things on your own, with no spirit entity involved,
and without the inherent risk involved with that method.

                          Energy Raising


Sit,  or  lie down, do the relaxation exercise and clear you  mind
with  breath awareness.  Focus your awareness in your  feet.   Use
your HANDS to pull energy up from your feet, through your legs, to
the  base chakra.  Imagine you are gripping energy and pulling  it
up  through you. Just like you did when you used these HANDS  with
breath awareness and colour breathing, pulling air and energy into
your lungs.

   Note:   Try and imagine your HANDS are inside your legs  and
   just inside the front of your torso as you do this.

Use breath awareness as an aide to energy raising.  Draw energy up
through  you, with the inhale, and hold it in place on the exhale.
Do  this  over and over again, pulling energy to the Base  chakra,
for  at  least  a few minutes.  You may or may not  feel  anything
while you do this.  Even if you don't, you are still drawing  some
energy  with this exercise.  The amount of energy drawn up through
you will increase as the chakras develop with time and use.

From  the feet, up the legs to the base centre, is a natural  path
for the energy that flows through you.  This energy will stimulate
your  chakras  and  they will transform this, basic  energy,  into
energy  of  a different type.  This transformed energy  will  then
flow into your subtle bodies, energising them.  With practise, you
will actually FEEL this energy tingling and surging through you.

                        Chakra Stimulation

Opening  a  chakra:   Your  imaginary HANDS  are  used  for  this.
Imagine you are tearing open a bread roll at the site of a  chakra
when  you  are  asked  to do this.  You don't  have  to  visualise
anything, just FEEL like you are doing this, as if you were  doing
it in real life without looking at what you are doing.

Chakras  are  non-physical centres, so you  need  a  non  physical
method  to  stimulate  them.  This is achieved  by  focusing  your
awareness  in  the  area  of  a chakra  and  using  your  mind  to
manipulate it.  You need a localised, mental opening effect  in  a
chakra  to  stimulate  it; this tearing  open  action,  with  your
imaginary  HANDS, provides it.  By moving your point of  awareness
to  the site of a chakra and causing a mental opening effect  with
your HANDS, you are directly stimulating the chakra.

   Note:   Do  the  energy raising exercise, as  above,  before
   stimulating the chakras.  Use breath awareness to aide  your
   HANDS  in pulling energy into each chakra, i.e., draw energy
   UP  on  the inhale and HOLD it on the exhale, with  all  the
   chakra stimulation exercises below.

1. Base chakra:  Raise  energy  up  to your Base chakra.  Use your
   HANDS  to  open  it.  Pull energy INTO the Base chakra.  Repeat 
   this first step, thoroughly, seven times.
2. Spleen  chakra:  Draw  energy  from  the feet, through the Base
   chakra and on up to the Spleen chakra.  Open the Spleen chakra.
   Repeat this three times, starting at feet.
3. Solar  Plexus chakra:  Draw  energy  from the feet, through the
   Base  and  Spleen chakras and on up to the Solar Plexus chakra.
   Open the Solar Plexus chakra. Repeat this three times, starting
   at feet.
4. Heart  chakra:  Draw energy up from the feet, through the Base, 
   Spleen and Solar Plexus  chakras and on up to the Heart chakra.  
   Open  the  Heart  chakra.  Repeat this three times, starting at 
5. Throat chakra:  Draw energy up from the feet, through the Base, 
   Spleen,  Solar  Plexus  and heart chakras to the Throat chakra.
   Open  the  Throat chakra.  Repeat this three times, starting at
6. Brow  chakra:  Draw  energy up from the feet, through the Base,
   Spleen,  Solar  Plexus,  Heart  and  Throat chakras to the Brow 
   chakra. Open the Brow chakra. Repeat this three times, starting 
   at feet.
7. Crown chakra:  Draw  energy  up  to  the Crown chakra as in the
   previous  step.  Open  the  Crown  chakra.  This chakra is much 
   larger  than  the  others ( whole top of head, above hairline).  
   Imagine  you  have a much larger, flatter bread roll inside the 
   top  of  your  head and are tearing it open with your HANDS, or 
   like  you  are  tearing  your  scalp  open.  Repeat this entire 
   process twice, starting with the feet.

   Note:   Try your best not to tense any muscles during  these
   exercises.   You  may,  however,  feel  a  slight   internal
   contracting,  a feeling that is NOT muscular while  you  are
   stimulating  your chakras.  These are the glands  and  nerve
   ganglia,  linked to the chakras, contracting in response  to
   the stimulation.  This internal contracting is normal.

The  Base,  or  Root  chakra,  is a MASTER  chakra  and  THE  MOST
IMPORTANT  ONE  TO ACTIVATE.  This chakra is the doorway  for  the
Kundalini  energy. Unless this is opened sufficiently, the  energy

cannot  flow  into the other chakras.  I suggest  you  concentrate
most of your time and energy into stimulating your Base chakra, at
least in the early stages of chakra development.

   Note:   When  I first started raising energy and  developing
   my  chakras, many years ago, I didn't feel ANY sensation for
   several  months.  Many people, though, have reported  to  me
   strong energy and chakra sensation the first time they  used
   them.   Some  people have more natural chakra activity  than
   others.   Lack of any sensation, though, will not  stop  you
   from  stimulating and developing them, even if,  as  was  my
   case,  you  feel  nothing at first.   I  did  not  have  ANY
   natural chakra activity or ANY natural psychic ability  when
   I first started energy work.

                          Stop And Check

Check  your muscles for any tensing during the energy raising  and
chakra  stimulation  exercises,  and  re-relax  as  needed.   Your
muscles will automatically try and respond to the mental action of
pulling energy up through you.  Remember, this is ALL mental, your
body must stay calm and relaxed throughout.

                         Chakra Sensations

The  sensations you will feel in your chakras can vary,  according
to  the  degree of activity occurring in them, i.e., your physical
make  up,  natural  ability, concentration and  relaxation  skills
affect  this.   It  can  vary from a gentle  warmth,  a  localised
pressure,  or bubbling (like stomach wind), a localised dizziness,
a  tingling,  a  gentle  pulsing, to a  heavier  throbbing,  or  a
combination  of  some  or  all  of the  above.   The  heavier  the
thrumming, the more active the chakra.  If you place your hand  on
a  chakra,  when  it is active, you will actually feel  the  flesh

Some  of  the chakras, when active, can cause other odd, localised

Base chakra:  You may feel a very slight burning or tingling, or a
cramping,  like you have been riding a bicycle for  too  long,  to
begin  with.  Once it is working properly, you will feel a  gentle
pulsing or throbbing between your legs, at the site of the chakra.

Solar  Plexus  Chakra:  This can sometimes cause  a  shortness  of
breath feeling, which can cause you to hyper-ventilate.  This will
pass, with time and use, as the chakra stabilises.

Heart Chakra:  The heart chakra merits special mention due to  the
strong,  and sometimes frightening, sensation it can cause.   When
strongly  activated it can feel like your heart is  racing  at  an
impossible rate.  It is a powerful sensation.  Try and ignore this
when  it happens, it won't hurt you.  It is not your heart  racing
but  the  chakra working.  I know this is easier said  than  done,
ignoring  it,  but with practise and familiarity  you  can.   This
racing  is  more  apparent in the early stages of development.   I
think  this is caused by a lack of energy flowing from  the  lower
centres.  In a way it is like a pump racing, when it does not have
enough fluid to pump.

The  heart chakra, when fully operational, feels like:  Place  one
hand on your chest, with your finger tips resting in the middle of
it  over your heart.  Tap your fingers on your chest, in time with
your  heart. Increase this rate until you are tapping as fast  and
hard as your fingers can move.

   Note:   Your actual heart rate does NOT speed up  with  this
   racing  sensation.   If  you hook yourself  up  to  a  heart
   monitor, you will see that your heat beat hardly changes  at

Throat  Chakra:  The throbbing in it can cause a very mild choking
feeling,  because  of the sensitive area it  is  in.   This  feels
something  like  having an emotional lump  in  the  base  of  your

Crown  Chakra:   When fully active it feels like a thousand  soft,
warm  fingers gently massaging the inside of the top of your head,
above  the  hairline,  and extending down in  the  centre  of  the
forehead, to include the brow chakra, which is part of  it.   This
sensation  is  the  reason the Buddhists  call  it  "The  Thousand
Petalled Lotus".

   Note:   You  may feel a stronger sensation in  some  chakras
   and  little  or none in others.  Concentrate on  the  lowest
   ones  with the least sensation.  This will help balance  the
   energy flow in the chakra system.

If  you are unbalanced, during projection the inactive chakras can
cause  failure, i.e., you may get your body partly loose but  find
you are stuck to your body at the site of the inactive chakra.  If
this happens, concentrate on stimulating the inactive chakra prior
to projection.

                        Closing The Chakras

After any chakras work, it is VERY important to close them, unless
you are going to use them, as in projection.

This  closing is especially important if you FEEL strong  activity
in  them.   If  you leave chakras open during normal  day  to  day
activity  you will bleed energy.  This can cause fatigue and  even
health  problems.  It can also attract the unwanted  attention  of
undesirable  astral entities.  To close them, simply  reverse  the
process until no activity is felt.  Feel your mental hands closing
the  chakras and push the energy back down.  The more activity you
feel, the more time you must spend learning to close them.  If you
still  feel  any  activity after doing this; eating  and  physical
exercise also helps to close them.

                         Psychic Abilities

After  beginning chakra work, you may find psychic abilities start
to  grow  in  you.  This is a natural offshoot of stimulating  the
chakras. In my next series, on more advanced energy work,  I  will
show  how  to develop and use some of these abilities and  how  to
raise the Kundalini.


Some  relaxation, breath awareness, concentration and mental hands
exercises should, ideally, be carried out daily.  They can be done
anywhere and anytime you have a few minutes to spare.

                    HOW LONG DOES IT ALL TAKE?

Many  people  have  asked  me "How long  does  it  take  to  learn
projection?" My answer is:  Because everybody has different levels
of natural ability and skill, it will take as long as it takes.  I
have  had letters from people, who have been trying various  other
methods  for several years, but with no results; get out the  very
first  time  they  tried this technique.  Other  people,  with  NO
relaxation or concentration skills at all, are looking at  several
months training before they will get out.

---------- Robert Bruce ------------- ----------
Your  comments,  experiences and requests for help and advice are 
most welcome.  If  corresponding  via email, however, please keep  
your text to a minimum and *please* don't send great chunks of my 
work back to me. Thanks in advance for  your consideration.
----------------- -----------------
                        Volume II - v1.1
                              Part 5
                           Robert Bruce
                     Copyright(C) 2 July 1994

                            ASTRAL ROPE

A key ingredient to the new projection techniques is an invisible,
imaginary ROPE hanging from your ceiling.  This ROPE will be  used
to exert dynamic pressure at a single point on your astral body to
force its separation from the physical.

The  ROPE  technique is similar, but more direct  and  hence  more
effective  than other more passive and indirect methods,  such  as
reaching  out  and  pulling vibrations into  you,  or  visualizing
yourself  in  front  of yourself.  The idea of pulling  vibrations
into you is vaguely illogical, if you understand the mechanics  of

The  vibrations are an effect and NOT a cause of projection.  When
enough  pressure  is  exerted on the  astral  body  to  loosen  it
sufficiently, the energy body expands and energy flows through the
chakra  system  to  be stored in the energy body.   This  flow  of
energy  through the hundreds of chakras and their connecting  web,
or  meridians,  CAUSES these vibrations.  This  normally  happens,
unnoticed, during sleep.

                      PUTTING THE PRESSURE ON

The  more  passive, indirect methods of projection do  exert  some
pressure  on  the astral body to separate, but over a  wide  area.
They  still  shift  the point of consciousness out  of  the  body,
albeit obtusely.  Any mental action that exteriorizes the point of
consciousness will exert some pressure on the astral body.

The  action  of pulling yourself hand over hand up  a  rope  is  a
strong,  one  pointed,  natural action that  is  easy  to  imagine
yourself  doing. The ROPE technique concentrates ALL  your  mental
resources  into  one strong, DYNAMIC action which  exerts  a  high
level of pressure directly on a single point of the astral body.

There are many other, more subtle, ways that exert pressure on the
astral body as well.  Many of these are unsuspected for what  they
are.   Most  meditation  exercises,  for  example,  exert  PASSIVE
pressure  on the astral body.  You may imagine you are going  down
in  a  lift,  falling, climbing down a ladder,  or  just  floating
downwards.  Whatever the technique, it is designed to reduce brain

activity.   Any  self  induced, inward  falling  sensation  places
passive  pressure  on  the astral body,  which  will  cause  brain
activity  to  lower and bring on the trance state where  a  deeper
level of the mind is revealed.

The action of inward falling obtusely shifts the consciousness out
of  the body, exerting passive pressure on the astral body over  a
wide area, but in the reverse to that needed for projection, i.e.,
general downwards pressure.  This, in a way, is like trying to get
your  astral  body to FALL out of your physical body on  its  own,
i.e., your point of consciousness tries to FALL, downwards, out of
the physical body.

What most people do to project is to either exert forward, passive
pressure  on  the astral body, by visualizing themselves  floating
out  of  themselves,  and HOPE, they can  make  it  happen,  i.e.,
trigger the projection reflex.  Or, they try a more direct method,
such  as visualizing themselves out of their body, which is  very,
very, difficult.  Lets face it, 99% of people can't visualize  for
peanuts  and the act of mentally visualizing yourself OUT of  your
body,  AND shifting your consciousness INTO this visualization  is
almost impossible for most people.  The other popular method is to
try  to  pull  vibrations into you.  This method is slightly  more
effective than most as it exerts some pressure at a single  point,
but it is still an indirect mental action and, therefore, obtuse.

All  the  above,  and  the general lack of information  about  the
mechanics  of projection, i.e., HOW it happens, accounts  for  the
extremely high failure rate amongst people learning to project.

Holding  passive pressure, over a wide area, on the  astral  body,
for  long enough, WILL activate the projection reflex, eventually.
But  this can take a long time and can be mentally exhausting.   I
have developed, through recent research, a better, faster and more
dynamic method of projection that is very effective.  I call  this
technique simply ROPE. It is not that using an imaginary rope  for
projection is such a new idea, it's not, but the understanding  of
the  mechanics of it and the application of this knowledge to ROPE

If  you fully understand how a thing works, you can use that thing
more efficiently and, therefore, get better results.

The  new ROPE method overcomes the general misdirection of  mental
resources  and  the chronic waste of mental energy caused  by  the
usual lengthy procedures needed for projection.  ROPE shortens the
time  needed  to  cause  a projection and  optimizes  the  use  of
available energy.

One  of the most important ingredients for a successful projection
is to be properly motivated.  Without this motivation you will not
have  enough mental energy to succeed and will either fall  asleep
or  forget the projection afterwards.  It is, therefore, important
to keep preparation time as short as possible so it is not such  a
daunting and mentally exhausting task.

One  thing  a  new  projector  has  in  abundance  is  enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm is pure mental energy.  ROPE, plus the understanding of
HOW  it  works,  harnesses and makes better  use  of  this  energy
resource and vastly improves the success rate.

                     Getting The Feel Of Rope

Pin  a length of ribbon, string or rope to the ceiling above  you.
Have  it hanging within arms reach so you can easily reach up  and
touch it. Reach out and touch it frequently, until you are used to
where it is in your mind.  This ribbon is only a tactile aide.  By
being  able  to reach out and touch the ribbon, you  used  to  the
spatial  coordinates of where the invisible,  imaginary  ROPE  is.
This  grows both in your mind and hence as a thought form,  making
it  easier to imagine yourself reaching out and climbing the  ROPE
with your imaginary HANDS.

   Note:   You do NOT have to actually visualize, or  see,  the
   ROPE  at  any  time, just know where it is supposed  to  be.
   This method uses NO visualization at all.

Reaching  out and pulling on this invisible, imaginary  ROPE  with
your imaginary HANDS shifts the bodily awareness induced point  of
consciousness, out of the body, with a strong natural action  that
puts direct pressure on one point of the astral body.

                           Active Chakra

One  important point, if you happen to have more activity in  your
Brow  Chakra, rather than in your Heart Chakra, which is sometimes
the  case.  Move the position of your imaginary ROPE so your  arms
would  be  at a 45 degree angle above your head.  If you  use  the
visual  aide,  ribbon, move this so it is hanging down  over  your
head, rather than over your chest.

Changing  the  angle of the ROPE shifts the point of pressure  you
are  exerting on your astral body to the most active  chakra  area

and gives better results.

In  any  case, position the angle of the ROPE at the most natural,
and  easy  to imagine attitude for you.  It is important that  the
angle   and   position  of  the  imaginary  ROPE  feels   natural.
Experiment with this angle until it feels right for you.

                    ARE YOU READY TO PROJECT ?

All  the  exercises  in  the previous parts  of  this  series  ARE
necessary  training for projection.  They are,  however,  not  all
needed, in themselves, for the projection process.  If you do  all
the relaxation, mental calming, mental falling, chakra opening and
energy raising exercises during the actual projection, you can use
up your supply of mental energy.  This can cause mental exhaustion
and  you  may find yourself short of energy and willpower for  the
all important exit.

All  the  exercises should be done separately from the  projection
itself.  They are training and development exercises, designed  to
improve  control over body and mind and to increase  the  flow  of
energy through the chakras.  This is like working out in a gym  as
a  part  of  football  training.  You  don't  actually  use  these
exercises  to  play football, they just improve your  fitness  and
strength so you are able to play football effectively.

Do  the training exercises separately UNLESS you are trying for an
advanced,  real time projection.  It is, then, still necessary  to
go through the full procedure, and activate all the chakras, prior
to the actual projection.

The  whole point of learning to project is to get your astral body
to  separate from the physical while fully conscious.  The earlier
you  get a fully conscious projection the better.  Otherwise,  you
may eventually give it all up as just too difficult.  Therefore, I
strongly  suggest all beginners concentrate on the simplest,  most
effective  way of getting a conscious projection.  Once  you  have
some  projection experiences under your belt you can try for  some
of  the  more  advanced,  and  hence,  more  difficult,  types  of

By  doing  the training exercises you have learned to  relax  your
body,  to  clear your mind and to concentrate.  You have begun  to
develop (MBA) (mobile bodily awareness) and how to use MBA,  i.e.,
using  your  imaginary HANDS to preform certain tasks both  inside
and  outside  of  your body.  You have also begun  to  awaken  and
develop your chakras so your energy flow is stronger and you have,
hopefully,  spent  time getting used to being  in  trance.   These
skills have prepared your body and mind for projection.

                     When To Do The Exercises

Even  though the exercises, in themselves, are not all used during
the  projection sequence, they still need to be done regularly  in
order  to  develop  the  necessary skills and  energy  levels  for
conscious projection.

I   suggest  the  relaxation,  concentration  and  mental  calming
exercises  are  done daily.  Use your imaginary HANDS  with  these
exercises.  The energy, chakra work and other exercises should  be
done at least once a week to be effective.  If you wish to do them
more often, fine, just don't tire yourself out too much.

                     Your Projection Sequence

It  is  difficult  to give one, universal projection  sequence  as
everybody has different levels of skill and natural ability.   For
this  reason  I  give a more flexible sequence and I  suggest  you
tailor  a  projection method to fit your own needs  and  level  of
skill.   Keep  in mind the old saying "What works,  works!"   Play
around  with your sequence until you find what is right  for  you,
what is easiest and most effective.

First,  here  is  the  full  sequence  for  advanced,  real   time

                           Full Sequence

1.  Do relaxation exercises thoroughly.
2.  Clear your mind through breath awareness.
3. *Enter trance using mental falling method.
4. *Raise energy and open all chakras.
5.  Pull yourself out with the imaginary rope.

   1.Steps 3* and 4*  can be swapped to suit, i.e., do the energy
     work  before,  or  after, entering trance. Energy and chakra 
     work  is more effective done in trance, but some people have 
     trouble getting into that state. Doing the energy work first 
     will usually help bring about the trance state.
   2.IF  you still have trouble getting into trance, use the ROPE
     climbing  method  at  step  3* instead of the mental falling 
     exercise,  until  you  are  in  trance.  Then  stop the ROPE 
     climbing  and  do the energy work before continuing with the 
     projection, i.e., using the  ROPE at step 3* will help force 
     your body into the trance state.

                          How To Use ROPE

This  is a complete projection method in itself, if you have  good
powers  of concentration.  I suggest beginners concentrate  solely
on  this  method until they have more experience.  This projection
method will give you a normal Astral projection.  The duration  of
this  projection, in real time, will depend on the level of chakra
development and energy flow you have attained.

1. Do the relaxation exercise thoroughly, until you are completely  
   settled. This should only take a few minutes, don't overdo it.

2. Reach  out  with  your imaginary HANDS and pull yourself,  hand
   over  hand,  up  the  strong, invisible, imaginary ROPE hanging 
   above you.  Try and imagine the feel of a strong, thick, coarse 
   rope in your HANDS.

   Don't  try  and visualize this ROPE! I want you to imagine  you
   are reaching out and climbing this ROPE in the pitch  dark,  so
   you  can't see it at all, you just know where  it  is  and  can
   imagine the feel  of it. Visualization wastes  valuable  mental
   energy  that  can be better put to use exerting direct pressure  
   on your astral body.
   You will feel  a slight dizzy sensation inside you  as  you  do
   this, specifically in  your upper torso.   This  is  caused  by
   exerting dynamic pressure  on  the  astral  body.   The   dizzy
   sensation comes from the astral body loosening. This feeling of
   vertigo will intensify the more you pull on the rope.

   Very Important Note:
   a) This dizzy feeling and any feelings of pressure or vertigo,
      etc,  caused  by  your mental action of pulling on the ROPE 
      MUST  be  carefully  noted  by  you. Learn the EXACT mental 
      action  you  are doing to cause this vertigo. You will have 
      to train your mental climbing action to cause this feeling.  
      So,  the  first  few   times  you  try  this  ROPE  method, 
      concentrate  on finding the right mental action to do this.  
      Once  you learn what it is you are doing to cause this, and 
      can  recreate  it  at  will, you are really starting to get 
      will  distract you, break your concentration, and ruin your 
      chances  for  projection.  Concentrate on the single act of 
      climbing  your  ROPE  to  the TOTAL exclusion of everything 
      else.  Put  everything  you  have into this one action, but 
      don't tense up, it must be all mental.

3. Keep climbing, hand over hand, ever upwards, and you will  feel
   the  heavy  sensation  come  over  you.  The  pressure  you are 
   exerting  on  your  astral  body will force you into the trance 
   state.  Ignore this when it happens and concentrate on what you 
   are doing.

4. Keep  climbing  and you will feel your chakras open in response
   to the pressure, don't stop.

5. Next  you  will feel the vibrations start, your whole body will
   seem to be vibrating and you will feel paralysed.  Concentrate,
   single minded, on climbing your rope, don't stop.

6. Next  you will feel yourself coming free of your body. You will
   buzz  slightly  as you pull yourself out of your body. You will  
   exit your body in the direction of your imaginary ROPE and will 
   be hovering above your body.  You're free at last!

   a) Do  *NOT*  allow  yourself to break concentration when the
      vibrations  start.  They  are  a  natural EFFECT caused by 
      energy  coursing  through  all  the  hundreds of major and 
      minor  chakras in your body. If you do find yourself being 
      distracted  by  this, spend more time and effort doing the 
      concentration exercises until you overcome this problem.
   b) If  you  have  not mastered using your imaginary HANDS for
      relaxation, raising energy and chakra work, you  may  have
      difficulty using them for climbing the ROPE. This does not 
      mean you have to be able to open your chakras successfully 
      to  project using this method, you don't, it just helps if 
      you can.

This  method  is  very direct.  It shortens  the  time  needed  to
project  dramatically!  Once you start pulling in earnest on  your
ROPE you WILL enter trance, your chakras WILL open, the vibrations
WILL  start and you WILL project, very quickly!  The speed of this
method  may  frighten you, the first time you try it.   Everything
will  seem to happen TOO fast. You will get used to this,  though,
and  will appreciate having plenty of mental energy to use  during
your projection.

If your powers of concentration are good, you have a better chance
of  getting  out  with this method than any  other,  even  if  you
haven't  mastered  deep  relaxation and trance  skills.   What  is
needed,  apart from the ability to concentrate, is the ability  to
carry   out  strong  mental  actions,  without  any  corresponding

muscular action, i.e., you have to be able to separate mental  and
physical actions.

If  you have trouble with any part of the ROPE method, analyse it,
find the problem area, then go back and concentrate on the related
training exercises until you overcome the problem.

                         A ROPE Variation

   Note:  One good variation for the simple ROPE technique,  is
   to  do  the  full  sequence of exercises and energy,  chakra
   work  first,  but separate from, the actual projection.   Do
   the  full sequence, but `don't' close your chakras.  Get  up
   and  have a break, make yourself comfortable, have  a  drink
   etc.   Then return to your bed /chair fresh, spend a  couple
   of  minutes  relaxing and go straight to  your  ROPE.   This
   will  increase the amount of chakra energy available  during
   the projection.

                  The Mechanics OF How ROPE Works

ROPE  is  the  most  dynamic projection method  to  date  and  can
override  the  need to do just about anything  else,  once  it  is
learned.   Let me explain a little more of the mechanics  of  what
actually happens when you use ROPE, by breaking it down:

Clearing The Mind:
 The  mental  act of climbing the ROPE fully occupies  and  clears
 the mind.

Brain Wave Activity:
 Clearing the mind and exerting, one pointed, dynamic pressure  on
 the astral body, forces the reduction of brain wave activity.

Deep Relaxation:
 Reducing  brain wave activity forces the body into a  deep  level
 of relaxation.

Trance State:
 Exerting  dynamic pressure on the astral body, while the physical
 body  is  deeply relaxed, and brain wave activity  is  at  a  low
 level, FORCES the mind and body into the trance state.

The Chakras:
 Exerting  dynamic pressure on the astral body, while  in  trance,
 FORCES the energy body to expand and the chakras to open.

 Exerting  dynamic  pressure on the astral body while  the  energy
 body  is  in  its expanded state and the chakras are open  causes
 energy  to  flow  through the 300 odd chakras  in  the  body  and
 causes the vibrational state.

 Exerting  dynamic  pressure on the astral body while  the  energy
 body  is  in  its expanded, vibrational state forces  the  astral
 body to separate from the physical.

   Note:   If  you  exert enough pressure on the  astral  body,
   during  the  final  phase  of the projection  sequence,  the
   exit,  it  will  override the projection reflex  completely.
   This  forces  a manual separation of the physical  /  astral

This means:  Instead of involuntarily buzzing out of your body via
the projection reflex, at the climax of the projection, and ending
standing at the foot of your bed etc, you will exit your  body  in
the direction you are pulling on the ROPE.

                     How Long Does It All Take

The  whole  projection process can be done in  less  than  fifteen
minutes,  I  can do it in under five minutes.  The  speed  of  the
method  allows you to use ALL your available energy in one  burst.
If  you don't get out in the first fifteen minutes I doubt if  you
will during that attempt.  IF this is the case, either get up  and
have a break and come back to it later, or get some sleep.

Using  the  ROPE method, literally, amazed me with it's  ease  and
simplicity  the  first  time I used it.   It  shortened  my  usual
projection  time  (20-30 minutes, from a cold start)  to  about  5
minutes, for a normal astral projection.  I still, though, use the
full sequence when I do a real time projection.

My  analysis of the mechanics of this process comes from using the
ROPE  method myself and carefully observing what was happening  to
my body during the separation.

                     My First ROPE Projection

Here  is  an account of the first time I tried ROPE, while  I  was
developing it as a viable theory:

   I  laid down on my bed, I was thinking of my new theory.   I
   had  been  working  out  a projection technique  that  blind
   people  could  do.   A technique that did  not  require  ANY
   optical  visualization.  I had come  up  with  the  idea  of
   using  the  sense of touch to exert pressure on  the  astral
   body,  tactile imaging, as this sense is strongly  developed
   in blind people.
   I  lay  there for a few minutes, mulling it over in my mind,
   while  I  generally  relaxed and settled myself,  ready  for
   sleep.   Then  I  decided to try it out, to see  if  it  was
     Note:   I did not do any of the usual relaxation, mental
     calming  or chakra energy exercises.  I just  wanted  to
     see  if  I  could exert pressure on my astral body  with
     this method.

   I  reached  out  my imaginary hands and began  climbing  the
   ROPE,  hand  over hand.  I immediately felt a  sensation  of
   vertigo  in  my stomach and upper torso and a dizzy  feeling
   inside  my  bones, like a tickling inside my arms and  legs.
   I  snapped  my mind shut, stopped all thought, and  focussed
   my  will  on the climbing action.  I could feel the enormous
   pressure  it was exerting on my astral body, my astral  head
   and  upper torso was starting to lift free, trying to go  up
   the ROPE following the line of pressure I was creating.
   Still  pulling,  I felt my brain waves drop into  the  alpha
   state  and  the heavy sensation came over me  as  I  entered
   trance.   I  kept pulling and the trance deepened,  my  body
   was  now  paralysed.  Still pulling, my chakras  opened  and
   the  vibrations  started.  I was amazed,  I  had  only  been
   doing  this for a couple of minutes!  I kept pulling and  my
   astral body soon buzzed free of the physical.
   This  was  completely different from any other projection  I
   had  ever done.  The projection reflex did not seem to  have
   time  to  cut  in  and project me out of my  body.   I  had,
   literally,  pulled myself free on my own.  I  floated  above
   my physical body, still aware of myself on the bed.
   I  went to go through the wall into the lounge, where  there
   was  more light, as it was pretty dark in my room.  Suddenly
   I  was in a strange world.  "Where the hell am I" I thought.
   There  was  very  dim light and there was  a  damp  fog  all
   around  me.  There was a large building in front of me  with
   an  old  fashioned thatched roof.  To the side of me was  an
   old  rail  fence  made of massive, rough  hewn  timbers.   I
   leaned  against  the  fence and thought  about  it  all.   I
   looked  past  the  house and saw the  reflection  of  water.
   There was a lake on the other side of the house.
   This  didn't  make any sense to me and I was getting  bored,
   so  I  tried to move to another realm in the dream pool.   I
   looked  at  my hand, this usually works.  It was  white  and
   pale  and  unreal  looking, it began to melt  quickly,  like
   white  ice  under a blowtorch.  My fingers were soon  stumps
   and  then  my  hand melted and my arm began  to  follow.   I
   tried  remaking  it.   It grew back  as  I  concentrated  on
   visualizing  what it should look like, but started  to  melt
   again as soon as I stopped concentrating.
   Then it hit me, why this scene was so familiar to me, I  was
   in  a  picture!  I have a large picture hanging on the  wall
   in  my room, in the exact position where I had tried to pass
   through  the  wall.  This picture has an old  house  with  a
   thatched roof and a rough hewn fence around it.  There is  a
   lake  behind it and it is early dawn, when the sun  is  just
   starting  to  illuminate things.  There was no  doubt  about
   it, I was in my picture.
   I'd  had  enough  of  this, it was  too  dim  to  enjoy  the
   projection,  or to do anything.  I focussed on  my  physical
   body, which I could still feel. I concentrated on moving  my
   mouth  and eyes and this soon brought me back to my physical
   body.   I  sat  up  in  bed and thought  about  it  while  I
   recorded the results of my experiment.
   Settling  back down again I tried climbing the  ROPE  again.
   Within  a couple of minutes I was back out of my body again.
   "This  is  great," I thought!  I hovered above my  body  and
   looked  about the room.  There in the gloom was the  picture
   on  the  wall,  the one I had entered by accident.   I  went
   towards it again, just to see if it would happen again.   As
   I  got  closer  it  got bigger and bigger and  I  seemed  to
   shrink  into  it.   As  I got right up  to  it,  instead  of
   passing  through it, I seemed to move into it  and  there  I
   was  again in this dimly lit, damp world with the old  house
   and  the  fence.  Everything felt real about it,  the  fence
   felt like wood and even the air smelled different, it had  a
   farm like, swampish smell about it.
   Leaving the picture again and returning to my body, I  again
   wrote everything down in my notebook.  I lay there for  most
   of  the  night,  thinking about what had  happened,  mulling
   over the implications of it all, what it all meant....

This  is  how I discovered `Virtual Reality Projection'  or  (VRP)
This  technique is, at the moment, in its infancy and only a rough
method  for creating a custom made world.  I plan to do some  more
experiments  with it in the near future, though, to get  the  bugs
out of it.

                        Remembering It All

One  of  the biggest problems with any kind of conscious  OOBE  is
remembering it all when you wake up.

Here's what you can do about this not remembering.  As soon as you

wake  up, sit up in bed and pull those memories back.  Sit up  and
think hard.  Put aside a few minutes quiet time each morning to do
this.  It will train your dream memory.

During  this quiet time, run key phrases through your  mind  until
you  hit  on  something.  Say things like:  I looked at  my  watch
and...   I  looked  at my hands and...  I was  walking...   I  was
talking  to...  I was just going to...  I was over  at...   I  was
flying  over...   I  was having a... I was  inside  a...    I  was
with...    These are examples of phrases that can lead  you  to  a
fragment  of dream memory you can lock on to.  Make up  some  more
phrases to suit yourself.

It  may  feel like there is nothing in your mind to remember,  but
try  hard  and put some REAL effort into it.  They are there,  you
just  have  to  reach in and locate them.  Once you  lock  onto  a
fragment  of memory, more can be located and more and  more.   You
will be surprised how much you can remember this way.

It  is important to write these down as soon as you remember them.
Even  if you have to do this several times during the night.  They
may seem vivid and unforgettable at the time but dream, or astral,
memories will usually vanish in a few seconds if you don't  record
them.   Just  write down a few key words and you can fill  in  the
blanks  later.  With practise, this writing down can be  dispensed
with as your astral recall develops.

                              Stuck ?

Some  people may find they are stuck in part of their body  during
projection.   They may come free of their body  but  be  stuck  at
their  head or stomach area.  If this happens, exerting  too  much
pressure  by pulling on the rope may cause some physical pain  and
discomfort.  There are two possible reasons for this:  If you  are
stuck in the middle, stomach area, it may be diet related, i.e., a
heavy protein or meat meal before projection can cause this.

   Remedy:   Eat  a  light meal, eat plenty but  have  fish  or
   white  meat  instead of red meat and avoid fats, oils,  nuts
   and cheese.

If  you are stuck at the head, or some other part, this is a  sign
of an inactive chakra, possibly caused by an energy blockage.

   Remedy:   Concentrate  on opening this stuck  chakra  during
   the   energy   exercises.   If  this  happens  during   your
   projection  sequence, stop everything and open that  chakra,
   you  will be in trance so it will be easier.  Once you  have
   done some work on it, try pulling on the ROPE again.

---------- Robert Bruce ------------- ----------
Your  comments,  experiences and requests for help and advice are 
most welcome.  If  corresponding  via email, however, please keep  
your text to a minimum and *please* don't send great chunks of my 
work back to me. Thanks in advance for  your consideration.
----------------- -----------------
                        Volume II - v1.1
                              Part 6
                           Robert Bruce
                    Copyright(C) 24 August 1994

                           More On ROPE

ROPE is a very effective projection technique, but it still has to
be learned to be effective.  I would like to elaborate on a couple
of  points  about the technique, inspired by the feedback  I  have
received so far.

1. There  is  NO  visualisation  required -  AT  ALL  - in the ROPE
   technique. It is ALL tactile imaging. This means you do NOT have
   to picture yourself doing it.

   That is, to climb ROPE, the correct mental action is to REHEARSE
   the climbing action in your mind.

        * This mental rehearsal - IS - the ROPE technique *

2. You  need  to  *mentally*  grit  your teeth  and strain with the 
   action,  i.e., you have to put maximum mental effort into it, as 
   if you were  really climbing  a  ROPE, but without allowing your
   muscles to take part in it - this is ALL mental. Your body  must
   not  be  allowed to respond.  You also need to feel you are very
   strong, full of energy and could climb like this all night.

3. You  will  find  that a certain way of holding the focus of your
   mind, while  you climb, will exert more pressure on your  astral
   body  than  another.  It is VERY important you note what this is 
   and  learn  how to apply it. This will tune your climbing action  
   for  the  maximum effect. When you hit on the right mental focus  
   for  the  action,  you  will  feel a corresponding dizzy/falling 
   sensation in your Solar Plexus.

4. To  use  ROPE  successfully, it is extremely important to make a

   firm  decision to DO IT.  This commitment is VERY  important  to
   success.  A DO OR DIE effort is needed.  This focuses  all  your
   mental  energy  into  a  single point, for a single purpose - to 
   exit your body.

5. Many  people have emailed me with ROPE success stories. In every  
   case - they have been practising ROPE when they suddenly decided  
   to  give  it  a go - TO REALLY DO IT! This commitment to succeed 
   means  the  difference between actually getting out - OOBE - and  
   experiencing  various levels of ROPE induced relaxation, trance,  
   paralysis,  chakra  activity  etc.  I  cannot  stress enough the  
   importance  of  this  commitment  to the success of ROPE induced 

   ANY  NOISES  YOU  HEAR. If you react to a sensation, in any way, 
   you  will  lose  the focus of your mental energy and dilute your
   effort considerably.

All  the energy/chakra work and other exercises in Parts 3 and  4,
are  designed  to stimulate the flow of energy in  your  body  and
increase  concentration,  will  power  and  mental  control.    By
increasing  the  energy flow during a projection  and  controlling
your mind better, your duration in real time is increased.  It  is
also easier to exit.

You  CAN  skip all the exercises entirely and just concentrate  on
learning  ROPE.   Everyone has different levels of skill,  natural
ability  and  energy flow.  Some people need lots of  training  in
order  to  OOBE, others do not.  Some people will prefer to  learn
ROPE  by  DOING it, rather than training for it.  If your goal  is
just  to  have  a conscious OOBE, of any kind, the simple  use  of
ROPE, below, is your best option.

                        SIMPLE USE OF ROPE

Some people have the impression ROPE is too complicated.  This was
possibly  because  by the detailed explanation I  gave  about  the
mechanics of ROPE in Part 5, i.e., HOW it works.

ROPE  is  THE simplest projection technique to date.  All that  is
needed to use ROPE in its simplest form, are these two steps:

1. Go to bed, or sit in your chair, relax and settle yourself down, 
   as you normally would do before going to sleep.

2. Start climbing the ROPE.

        * This is all there is to the simple use of ROPE *

As there are no time consuming exercises or complicated relaxation
exercises  involved, the simple use of ROPE has  many  advantages.
It  allows you to focus all your mental resources on it.  In  many
cases  this is all that is needed to give you your first conscious

Because  the  simple use of ROPE is less complex,  you  will  find
yourself attempting projection more often, even when you are tired
-  one  of  the  best times to try - and cannot be  bothered  with
anything  complicated. The increased frequency of your  projection
attempts gives you more practise with ROPE and hence the technique
will be mastered sooner.

                        LUCID DREAM BACKUP

I  have  had  a great many reports of vivid dreams and  heightened
lucid  dream  activity (L.D.) from people doing the  energy/chakra
training exercises.  This is happening far too frequently  for  it
to be coincidence.

The  energy/chakra work increases the level of energy flowing into
the  energy body and heightens awareness and memory of  the  dream
and  OOBE  state.   It  is a shame to waste  all  this  energy  on
uncontrolled  dreams, so I suggest L.D. be  used  as  a  secondary
goal.  This will give you OOBE experience earlier, in the form  of
L.D.,  and help keep your interest high until you learn how to  do
the conscious exit.

                          Lucid Dreaming

To  become  Lucid  in dream you need to program  yourself  with  a
trigger  to  make you realise when you are dreaming, in  order  to
take  control over it, i.e., become lucid.  The best way of  doing
this is by getting into the habit of doing frequent reality checks
during your daily life.

                         Reality Checking

A  reality check is when you stop what you are doing and check the
reality  level of your situation.  This is simple  to  do.   Every
time you do a reality check.  Ask yourself:

1. Is this a normal situation, is there anything strange about it?
2. Can I fly?  Try floating up in the air.
3. Try  closing  your eyes.  This is a dead giveaway as you cannot
   close your eyes in astral form.

   Note:   This  reality checking must become  habitual  to  be

When  you do a reality check during a dream, you will realise  you
are dreaming and can take control of it.  It is then important  to
affirm  to  yourself you are going to remember  everything.   Tell
yourself over and over, " I will remember this when I wake up."

                           L.D. Trigger

The  key  to success with reality checks is to have a good trigger
for it.  This should be something you would normally do many times
a day. This can be any kind of habitual action, but here are a few

1. Time: Every time you look at your watch, do a reality check. An 
   electronic  watch is a good aid.  Set the timer to beep hourly.
   When it beeps, do a reality check.

   * A wrist watch, beeping hourly, is the most effective *

2. Hands:  Every time you notice your hands, do a reality check.

3. Smoking:  If  you  smoke, every time you have a cigarette, do a
   reality check.  You will usually find yourself reaching  for  a
   cigarette during the course of a dream, if you are  a  habitual

   Note:  It takes time to make your trigger habitual,  usually
   a  few weeks.  It also helps to do a few affirmations before
   you  go  to  sleep, e.g., "I will remember  to  look  at  my

When you become aware in a dream, L.D., you should already be in a
communal dream pool.  If you want to try changing this to  a  real
time  projection, try and become aware of your physical body.   If
you  can  sense  it, you may be able to return to a time  location
near  it.   This is difficult, though, and may end the  experience
completely, i.e., forcing a return to the waking state.

I suggest you enjoy the L.D. for what it is.  Communal dream pools
are  very colourful places and usually lots of fun.  You will  see
all  kinds of weird and wonderful things there and have all  kinds
of adventures.

   Note:   To  improve your memory of the L.D. don't forget  to
   remind  yourself constantly during the L.D., to remember  it

                  Changing Your Reality Location

If you don't like the dream pool you are in, or are in a real time
OOBE and want to enter a dream pool, here are a couple of ways  to
do it:

1. Look  closely at your hands and watch them melt. (This is worth 
   doing just to see the melting hands phenomenon).
2. Spin around until you become disoriented.
3. Visualise a place you would like to be. (Instantaneous travel).  
   This  will  usually  move  you  to a dream pool similar to your 
   visualised target destination.
4. Fly  straight  up,  as  fast as you can. If this fails to shift 
   your  reality  location,  at  least  you  will experience space 
5. Fly away fast, close to the surface, until you find a place you 
   like.  The blurring of speed will cause a reality shift.
6. Walk  into  a  mirror, picture or painting. This is the same as 
   VRP (virtual reality projection).

These    techniques   all   trick   the   subconscious,    through
disorientation, into moving you to another reality location.

                     THE ASTRAL FORM IN MOTION

Many  people  have motion problems in their first few projections.
Simply  getting  across a room in the right direction,  can  be  a
major accomplishment.  This lack of control is simply because they
are  unfamiliar  with  astral form.  It  is  like  being  in  zero
gravity.   You  have to learn to move all over  again.   When  you
project in real time, you are just a point of consciousness with a
poorly  constructed  etheric  shell  surrounding  it.   Motion  is
provided by thought - not muscles.

                          Astral Momentum

There is a type of momentum in astral form that causes most of the
problems.   This causes you to continue moving for a while,  after
you decide to stop.  This may take you through a wall or a ceiling
etc.  This impetus is caused by the thought you used to cause  the
motion.  If it is too strong, or too prolonged for the action, you
will  move too quickly or too far.  Only practise teaches you  how
to get about with any degree of accuracy and grace.

It  really is quite a comical process, learning astral motion.   I
remember  learning to move about my home town,  in  my  youth.   I
would start by trying to navigate through my house, usually ending
up  stuck  in  the roof, for a while.  Then I would run  down  the
road, trying to build up speed and take off like a plane.  I would
get  airborne  for a while, but could never quite clear  the  roof
tops   of   the   surrounding  houses.   I   would   often   float
unintentionally into strange houses, blundering about like a drunk
in  zero  G.   I seemed to be endlessly apologising to  all  these
strangers in passing, as I floated in and out of their houses.

                            How To Move

To  move about in astral form, simply - DO IT.  Do not think about
what  you are doing, just DO IT.  Be aware that motion is provided
by  your  mind.  You have to will yourself into motion, to  change

direction, and to stop.  This is the best advice I can give you on
this.  It really has to be learned by doing.  Have fun.

When  you  have  learned basic motion, do  not  try  anything  too
ambitious  for a while.  Stick close to the surface and  learn  to
get  around  your local area first.  Practise varying  your  speed
until you gain some control over it.

                          Learning To Fly

Learn  to  fly the same way as you learned to move, by using  your
mind.  At  first  you may find something very  much  like  gravity
affecting  you.  You may get yourself into the air  only  to  find
yourself  slowly  arcing back to earth again.   If  you  persevere
you'll  find  yourself moving in a series of  short  flight  hops.
This  is  caused  partly by habit and partly by the  basic  motion
problem  in  general.   You sink back to earth  when  your  motion
causing mental action falters.  This causes your flight impetus to
stop and the gravity habit then pulls you down.

You may find yourself, as I did, trying to fly by running down the
road and leaping into the air.  This is not necessary.  Focus your
will into floating up into the air.  Then use your will to provide
motion,  same as with basic motion.  There is NO gravity affecting
you  in  astral form.  Convince yourself of this and you  will  be
flying in no time.


The three speeds as defined by, S. Muldoon, and commonly accepted,
are a basic guide only.  These are:

1. Walking speed.
2. Motor car speed.
3. Instantaneous travel.

I  think  these three speeds were a sign of the times  back  then.
These  would  have  been the only types of  speed  known  to  most
people.   Today,  movies,  computer  games  and  air  travel  have
thoroughly prepared our minds to accept much higher speeds.

With practise and good mental control, you CAN vary your speed  to
your  purpose, from walking speed to supersonic speed.  This is  a
big  problem for the beginner though, the control of direction and
speed.   It has a lot to do with how stable the projection is  and
how experienced you are at applying your will to motion.

                       Instantaneous Travel

It  is  generally accepted that if you can visualise a destination
you can project yourself there instantly, at the speed of thought.

           * I have found this to be highly unreliable *

I  find  this  instantaneous method usually projects you  straight
into  a  subjective location created by the visualisation of  your
target.   You  may appear to be at your destination but  you  will
usually  find  many  discrepancies between the real  location  and
where you are.

Instantaneous   travel  is  very  like   VRP.    By   using   your
visualisation powers to travel with, you will not actually travel.
You will create a subjective copy of a destination and enter it.

                       Long Distance Travel

I  have found it more reliable to follow the surface for short  to
medium  distance  projection of up to a few hundred  miles.   Even
this  can be difficult as it is easy to fall into the Alice effect
while  travelling. All you have to do is break concentration  once
and  you will slip into a dream pool.  Strict mental control  must
be maintained at all times when travelling in real time.

It  is  not  really  practical to follow the surface  for  a  long
distance.  For example, a country on the other side of  the  world
from  you is 12000 miles away.  You would need to travel at  about
64 times the speed of sound to reach there in 15 minutes.  At this
speed  in the atmosphere, everything blurs and clouds and  surface
features  cause disorientation and a corresponding reality  shift.
Any  real  time objective aspect of the projection  will  then  be

   Note:   Newbie  projectors can normally hold  themselves  in
   real  time  for  only  a few minutes.  Therefore,  any  long
   distance  travel  is  limited by the real  time  part  of  a

To  travel long distance you need to study geography.  You have to
be  able  to  recognise continents, oceans, countries, states  and
cities. You also need to study a map of your target area and  note
any  landmarks.   To project there, after this is  memorised,  you
must go into orbit and re-enter over your target.  As you approach
the earth you must adjust your approach and aim for the geological
features and landmarks around your destination.

                        Orbiting the Earth

To enter orbit is a little more difficult than it sounds.  Getting
up  there is easy, you just go straight up, but stopping when  you
get  high enough is difficult.  Most people, myself included, tend

to  blast  themselves straight out of the solar system,  sometimes
right  out  of  the  galaxy.  To avoid this, it  is  important  to
control your speed during the ascent.

It  is  easier to project to the moon first, as a way of  entering
orbit. This gives you a large visual target you can project to  in
moments. Once there, it is a simple matter to head back to  Earth,
enter  orbit,  and  circle until you are above  your  target.   In
space, away from the atmosphere, there are no problems with  speed
induced blurring.

                        How Far Can You Go?

There  are  * NO * limits to distance, destination or speed.   You
can  travel  to the most distant galaxy.  The speed of thought  is
infinite. It is like folding space and moving without moving.   If
you  can see something, you can be quick as that.   In
comparison, the speed of light is that of a snail.  I often go out
into  deep space, where the galaxies are just tiny smudges in  the
distance, to think and meditate.  That is easy, but the  trick  is
getting  back for a conscious re-entry.  Unless you  have  a  good
knowledge  of  astronomy,  which I  do  not,  this  is  difficult.
Following the silver cord, if you can see one, is not practical at
that  kind of speed, though it will give you a basic direction  to
go in.

To return from a long distance projection, tune into your body and
become  aware of it.  Then try moving part of your physical  body,
i.e., a finger or toe.  This will return you to your body, and end
the projection with full memories of the OOBE.

                            FUTURE WIND

There  is a strange phenomenon you will come across, from time  to
time, while you are projecting.  I call this "Future Wind."

You  will  be OOBE'ing somewhere, minding your own business,  when
all  of  a  sudden you will feel an irresistible force.  You  will
feel yourself being moved against your will, usually backwards, by
this  force.   You  can  fight it for a while  but  it  will  grow
steadily stronger until you are blown away; over the roof tops, up
into the sky and....into the future.

Then,   after  a  while,  you  will  come  down  in  a   different
place....and  time.  Often it will be somewhere mundane,  maybe  a
domestic  setting  of some sort.  You will be released  there  and
left to wander about... confused.  You may even meet people you do
not know, yet, and they will be just as confused as you are.

This  may be an actual scene out of your future life, it may be  a
symbolic  vision, or a mixture of both.  You may be  an  invisible
spectator  to this scene, or you may merge with your future  self,
and see out of your future eyes for a while.

This  can also be a scene of an important future event.  It  could
be  a  disaster,  natural or otherwise, or  something  unusual  or
exciting on the world scene.  These type of events usually have  a
lot of energy surrounding them, and this may be part of the reason
for the vision.

The only explanations I can give for this are:

1. The  intervention  of  your  higher  self:  For  some reason it
   decides that now is the time to show you  something  from  your
2. Clairvoyant  interference:  Your   Brow   chakra   has   become 
   clairvoyantly active and has tuned into a future setting.  Your
   point  of  consciousness  is  caught  up  by  this  vision  and 
   projected into the vision.
3. A combination of both of the above - this is the most logical.

                         Symbolic Visions

There  is another aspect of this wind that is very similar to  the
above but the vision you experience is symbolic, or has a symbolic
aspect, rather than an actual future event or scene.

   Note:   I  would like to warn you about the symbolic  aspect
   of  visions. If you don't understand the nature of symbolism
   it  can cause great harm to your life.  This warning applies
   to  all  clairvoyant visions in general, whether experienced
   in astral form or not.

For example:  You are taken, by a future wind, to a scene in which
you  see  yourself winning a lot of money.  You are sitting  at  a
table checking your lottery ticket with the results.  You see  the
prize  money is $18 million.  You check your numbers,  or  ticket,
and   find  you  have  the  winning  ticket.   You  feel  all  the
excitement, the surge of adrenalin, dreams of wealth come flooding
into you and your heart races with excitement.

After  this  vision, you start buying lots of tickets.   You  also
start  to  make decisions that affect your life with a  "When  the
money comes through" type of attitude.  This can cause irreparable
damage  to your life!  You lose your drive, your initiative,  your
ambition, i.e., you stop trying.  This imparts a "Cargo Cult" type
of belief system on you, a belief that everything will be given to

you  -  with all the negative aspects this primitive belief system

This can cause you to mark time in your life, instead of living it
to the full.

* What you may have missed, from the symbolism of the above vision

 The  amount of money may be unusual for that lottery draw.  $18
 million  is  an  odd amount of money and may be a  rare  event.
 This  is  what I call a SIGN POST - a date stamp  of  a  future
 event.  This means that when your local lottery has a prize  of
 the  above  amount, something important is going to  happen  in
 your life or in the world around you.
 If  you  know how symbolism works, during the vision you  would
 have  been  able to pick up more information about this  coming
 event.   The setting, the symbols, the connections to you,  the
 action  and  the  sequence of events in it, are  all  important
 aspects of its meaning.
 Misunderstanding a vision can ruin your life.  Only  experience
 and  the intelligent application of logic can teach you how  to
 interpret  a  symbolic vision.  Until you have this experience,
 it is best to treat any sort of vision with caution.

Some possible reasons for a symbolic vision are:

1. You are being given a warning or guidance by your higher self.
2. You  are  being  given  proof  there  is a future, a destiny, a
   meaning, a purpose to your life.
3. The  sign  post  of this vision may mark a good or bad event in
   your life.
4. You  may  actually win the lottery.  Personally, I would always
   make sure I had a ticket in the draw, just in case, but I would
   not depend on it.

                        Future Wind Example

I  left my body and was moving about my home, getting my sea legs.
Suddenly, a force moved me across the room.  I tried to  fight  it
but  it  grew stronger until I was blown out of the house  and  up
into  the night sky.  A short time later I was brought down again,
outside my home.  I was just left standing there in the middle  of
the  road.   In  front of me stood a refrigerator.   It  was  just
sitting there in the road with its door open.  I examined  it  and
could  tell it was not working.  Behind it was a massive red brick
wall,  40  feet high and twice as wide.  There are no  REAL  brick
walls  in this street.  Then I noticed my wife was standing beside
me.   I turned and said hello to her.  She just said goodbye, very
coldly,  then  turned and walked away.  Perplexed, I  watched  her
walk away.  Oddly, instead of walking to our home, she walked away
from it and off into the distance.

Being experienced with the symbolism and nature of visions I  knew
what  this  foretold,  the  end  of  my  marriage.   I  could  not
understand  it  as we were only recently married  and  very  happy

To  decipher a symbolic vision it is necessary to analyse  it  and
break it down into its parts.

The six significant aspects of this vision are:

1. The sign post... (the date stamp of the event)
    * The refrigerator that did not work.

2. The connections... (something, or someone,  in the  vision that
   connects the events to me).
     * 1. My wife.   
       2. It was outside my home.  
       3. I was there as me.

3. The symbol... (the basic nature of the coming event)
     * The  large brick wall.  This symbolises a barrier or an end
       to  something.  This  was  the  only  actual  symbol in the 
       vision,  but  other  parts of it were by nature or action - 

4. The  symbolic  action...  (this  signifies  the  meaning of the 
    * My wife's cold goodbye.

5. The  symbolic modifiers... (these modify the symbol or, in this 
   case, the symbolic action in the vision).
    a) My wife departed in a direction away from our home.
    b) She walked away until she disappeared from view.

6. The sequence of events.
    a) The broken fridge.
    b) The large brick wall.
    c) My wife's actions.

When  I  saw  the broken fridge (sign post) I saw the  brick  wall
(symbol)  and my wife (connection) said goodbye and left (symbolic
action)  in  a direction away from our home, until she disappeared
(symbolic modifiers)

The  timing  and sequence of a vision is important to  unravelling
its  meaning.  It is important to break a symbolic vision into its
5  basic parts and to note this in your journal, while it is still
fresh in your mind.

   Note:   There may be more than one modifier to each part  of
   a vision.


A  year  after  I had the above vision, we moved to another  town.
The day we moved, we had to borrow a refrigerator from a relative.
Ours  had broken down and was in for repairs.  The borrowed fridge
did  not work either.  After our's was repaired, this other fridge
sat  on  our  porch  for  two  and a half  years,  waiting  to  be

collected.  I remembered the vision clearly, and knew this  fridge
was  the  date stamp of an upcoming event.  I also knew  what  the
event  was,  but  honestly could not see it happening.   One  day,
though,  they  came and collected this fridge.  A  week  later  my
marriage  ended.   Suddenly, permanently, and for  no  foreseeable

Looking  at it in hind sight, it is crystal clear what the  vision
meant. It was as simple as it was accurate.  Most symbolic visions
are this simple.  Be very careful not to read too much into vision
otherwise the true message in the vision will be obscured.

            Always break a vision down into its parts.

Ask of each part:

1.   "What is it in itself?"
2.   "What does it do?"
3.   "What is its simplest, most basic, symbolic meaning?"

Write these answers down and then apply common sense and logic  to
them.  This  will give you insight into the true  meaning  of  the


Mirrors,  historically, are magical devices used  as  doorways  to
other worlds.  There are also numerous superstitions and old wives
tales  concerning their effect on the recently departed.  After  a
person had died, all mirrors in their home were covered.  This was
so  they  could not see their lack of a reflection and be shocked.
Another   reason  for  this  was  to  prevent  them   from   being
accidentally trapped in a mirror.

There  is  some  logic  to this if you look at  the  mechanics  of
projection.  Death,  in the early stages,  is  very  much  like  a
powerful  real time projection.  The biggest difference being  the
lack of a living body to return to.

Spirits are normally held close to the physical dimension, in real
time,  for a week or so after death.  This is until the supply  of
etheric  matter  that binds the spirit to its physical  body  runs

During  this  time  it is normal for the spirit  to  wander  among
relatives and loved ones, saying goodbye and coming to terms  with
their  new  state of existence.  This goodbye process,  eases  the
psychological  trauma of death, and helps prepare the  spirit  for
the next stage of existence.

What  can  happen  with  mirrors,  is  this:   A  new  spirit  can
inadvertently  enter  a  mirror.  If this happens,  they  enter  a
mirror  world in the same way a projector enters a picture through
VRP.   Once in a mirror world they usually do not know where  they
are,  or  how  to get out of it, and can be stuck  there  for  the
duration  of  their real time stay.  This will not interfere  with
the  journey of the soul.  It will just cause confusion for a  few
days until it enters the next stage of existence. This can though,
make  their  last days near the physical world very confusing  and
interfere in the natural goodbye process.

This,  I  believe,  is  where  the old  superstitions  came  from.
Therefore, in the light of my understanding of projection and  the
death process, I think the covering of mirrors after a death is  a
VERY  good  idea, for the benefit of the deceased.  This  is  best
done for two weeks, to be sure.

                         A Better Goodbye

It  is  possible  to communicate with a recently  departed  spirit
during  its real time, post death wandering.  This can be done  by
leaving  a  letter, uncovered, for the spirit to read.   They  can
also  hear you, so talking to them is also effective.  I  think  a
good  practise  would  be to have goodbye letters,  from  all  the
people  that loved the deceased, stuck to the wall in the spirit's
old room.  Leave the letters open, with all pages clearly in view,
to make reading easier.

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