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This page is going to be dedicated to mental darkness, imagery landscapes,psychological experiments, out-of-body experiences, experimental music (techno, ambient, acousmatic, electroacoustic), art (computer - and natural -), weirdness, underground fantasy, religion (does God exists or not) and dark phuture. visions..

Click above image to see some of my drawings....

Click above image to enter the algorithms page. I gathered some math info mainly about computer graphics. Don't expect it to be self explaining and coherent...It is just a random collection.

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For people who like to think a little bit about reality, life, art, science and the mind, click on the above image. I've written down some of my thoughts.

Something about experimenting..

I experimented my whole life, now I'm 20 years, and as far as I can remember, experimenting is the main thing I've done since early childhood. When I was 10, I found a book about the history of inventions. On page 86, there was a chapter about blackpowder. It sayed that it was invented for western Europe by a German monk, Reinhold Schwarz. Luckily the formula was printed there ! I went to the local drugstore and asked for the ingredients, after days of trial and error I finally succeeded ! Unfortunely, I could not make an exploding bomb with it and wasted the powder by just burning it on a concrete stone in the backyard.
When I was 15, I got education in chemicals at highschool, and I soon realised, that it was that particular piece of knowledge I was missing : David went crazy again and spended all his money on chemicals : after a few weeks, the first bombs and rockets were finished. As my amateuristic research for more formula's, methods, literature and knowledge progressed, the bombs became heavier and heavier. I tried to explode everything : drain pipes, rolled up paper, pvc pipes, hollowed out blocks of steel, silicate bricks, trashcans, even cowshit in the neighboring meadows. Crazy fun how that shit blew up, being warped in pieces everywhere ! I even went straight to a metal factory in the harbor of Ghent, to ask if they had a block of steel I needed it to make a multishot canon from it : the guy there sayed it was going to be nearly impossible for me to drill the holes myself, and he made it specially for me there on a huge machine in the factory ! I was happy.
After several experiments,with an enhanced version of blackpowder, I could shoot straight through five plates of 2.5mm iron !!! For projectiles, I used the little balls from ball bearings found in bicycles.But soon the happiness was over within a split second. One day I was filling a hole with powder, when all of the sudden it exploded in my face. The hammer - yes, a hammer :-(( - I used for fixing the powder in the hole was blewn away with such a force that my arm went a little dislocated at the shoulder joint ! Due to the extreme loudness of the explosion I was deaf for two days. I had a trauma and couldn't function normal for a few hours. After a week, everything was back normal, except for an annoying noise in my right ear. Medical examination revealed that I had Tinitus, a continous noise inside the ear. That was the moment I quit. That was it. I was traumatised, suffered from a painful arm and noise in the head. Then came the moment I bought a modem and started calling BBS's, and amazingly what did I see : loads of underground articles on chemicals, lock-picking, explosives, pyrotechnics, hacking, phreaking, virii... I went crazy again and kept going on with explosives. This time, the black powder was out; nitroglycerin, RDX, C4, TNT, dynamite was IN !! But due to the trauma, I simply could not proceed : every time i was going to ignite a fresh new bomb or rocket I was scared as hell. I sayed : "It's over". and it was over indeed, but not the experimenting. Now I started messing around with bbs's, blueboxing, calling cards, fractals, raytracing, democoding, drawing and painting, sound and music. I went to an art school to receive painting & drawing lessons and the next world I was being shot into was the mind's world : death, dreams, out of the body experiences, paintings, mental imagery, metaphysics, religion ! I was overwhelmed and tried to practice everything. The most interesting thing I've ever done is painting and drawing. Due to my other interests, kinda unusual visuals came out : while most of my fellow students were painstakingly trying to reproduce a visible object, a human body, a flower or a teapot (I had no problems anymore with those themes), I was doing surrealistic, completely the most far out, weird shit. People floating above abandonned cities, lots of infinite horizons filled with geometrical shapes, balls, high pilars, light beams. I did distorted landscapes, romantic emotional recalling of both heavy and subtle atmospheres....
Experimenting, experimenting.....oh lord. Soon I discovered tracking music and on top of everything, techno and electronic music grew out ! At 13, my dad gave me records of Pierre Henry, Jean Michel Jarre, Albert Hayler, John Coltrane, Brian Eno and Philip Glass.....but I was a little to young for that those days....I rather listened passively...but at 16 - 17 (1993) techno, ambient, experimental music, (free) jazz and art movies became an obsession. I was watching movies like "Man Bites Dog " ("C'est arrivez pres de chez vous" voor de belgen), Blade runner, The naked lunch, Alien, Urga, Baraka, Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqatsi, Ereaserhead, The Elephant man, Un Chien Andalous (a movie by Salvador Dali !), Lost Highway... What I like the most now are dark , short movies describing an ununderstandable situation.
Recently I focussed on Astral projection, lucid dreams, electronic experimental music, tracking music, drawing of comics and computer art.
Now I try to collecting (yes, "trying" => lack of money) music on vinyl, mostly experimental techno, acid, hard ambient and soundscapes. I plan to buy MkII turntables and a mixing desk. I get my records at Music Man, The best vinyl shop in Flanders. Music man is also a label. Check it out !
I always had a taste for the dark side, the melancholic, and the unusual. Sometimes it's really bad : I like pictures of dead people, sick people and crashes. Psychotic emanations, blurred identities, loneliness, affective disorders, ghosts walking in corridors, abandonned cities in alien deserts, bombed out husks, ghost armies marching through lunar clouds, soft whisperings of the unknown, scary little puppet theatre shows.. About those sickening pictures, I actually don't LIKE them, but it's rather my fascination with decay and the darkness of the human kind that attracts me, I'm not a collector of those pictures but I know they exist.

I experimented with everything but not with DRUGS. I don't like drugs myself but I don't mind other people smoking a nice bong or spliff, it boosts the atmosphere ;-)). Guess I'm simply too busy for drugs. I'm allready stoned when I put a good record on or watching a painting of Michelangelo, Salvador Dali, Magritte or Vemeer. About paintings : I condider the best painting ever made in history "The Holy Lamb" by the Flemisch Vaneyck brothers. When you visit Ghent, try to see that painting, really, it's divininess in all its glory, it's unbelievable. the structure of the composition, extremely complex, yet subtle set up of the different panels, the divisions and subdivisions of the colors used in different parts of the whole, the details, the contours. Unbelievable.

Some Noise I made....
Format : XM
Style : hard, random technoise
Title : " THE ARTLAWS "
How : click the image to download. (170kb zip)

Here you can enter some information about yourself. What interests you is something that especially interests me :-)
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