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Incredible site about EVERY aspect of the human soul and the universe

Journal Of Astral Travels
A neat personal journal on Astral projection.

Astral Projection
Good page about astral projection...many links.


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The Christian Earterror Homepage
A guy combining '90's Christianity with techno !! XM modules available there.

The Kosmic Free Music Foundation
Great site about tracker music, XM, IT, S3M...

Music Links
Many links to tracker music.

Ijsbreker Home
IJsbreker is an avant-garde music centre in Holland. Many performances there.

Chill Underground Tracker Scene
Lots of tracker modules.

Fractal Music Lab
Exposes the EXCITING area of combining choas, fractals, procedural and algorhitmic synthesis of music, sound and melody.

Arachnaut's Lair - Electronic Music Links
Lots of interesting links to electronic music and audio.

The home of MILLSART (mental techno supermaster dj Jeff Mills), Oh yes, I like that guy's music. Jeff Mills is perhaps one of the most intelligent techno artists in my opinion.

The Electronic Experimental Industrial Dj List
Most complete listing of underground & experimental DJ's. Allows you to search and add a DJ.

Interzone Music From Extreme Subculture... HOT !
MASSIVE catalogue of records ==> Xperimental artists, industrial, abstract, virtual soundtracks, plunderphonics, electronic drones...get the picture ??

Musical Softwares Server
FTP directory concerning sound and music software, non-commercial.

The Csound Front Page HOT !
The homepage of Csound. If you ever wondered if there is a program that could do anything to sound (and anything means literally ANYTHING here), anything on the field of analysis, synthesis, sample editing : well that program is called Csound. Although you almost need to be a math freak to get started, it's certainly worth the effort ! The Csound executable is a so-called interpreter that processes ascii script files you write (anyone who's familiar with Povray, know what this means). There are two files : an .ORC (from "orchestra") and an .SCO (from "score") In the ORC file you design the instruments, wich can be any type of sound, even external sampledata. In the SCO file you design the "melody" that those instruments have to play. Praise Barry Vercoe of MIT Media Lab for this wonderful tool (because he's the author of Csound) !
The Csound frontpage provides more than enough material to get started : documentation, manuals, multiplatform binaries, examples, orc & sco designers for various platforms, Csound projects etc...and very important : Csound is FREEWARE !

Midi2cs is a tool that handles midifiles for use with Csound. Also Csound links there.

The Media Laboratory HOT !
The MIT Media Lab itself !

Pc Soundcards
VERY good site about PC soundcards : lots of info and software tools.

Experimental Music Studios
The name says it all ;-))

The Voice Sonification Applet HOT !
This the best java applet I've seen. This page lets you draw or place a grayscale picture and then converts it into a soundscape in realtime. Render some clouds or lightning effects in Photoshop and HEAR it. Truly great !!

Enormous site about electronic music on computers, synths and music software.

Machinebrain Positronic Sound Exploration
Good, experimental technoise.

Modring Homepage
This site offers HUNDREDS of links to XM/IT/S3M sites !!!

Electroacoustic Web Sites
Electroacoustic web sites, indeed.


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CyberFox's page
CyberFox has setup a page about LINUX and XWINDOWS ! Check This if you want to start with Linux. Includes beginners html tutor (dutch)

Blueice's basic page. Under construction ;-))

Obelix's Page
Obelix has a nice, general site with useful links and he shares my taste for sick pictures.

Astalavista Crack Search Engine
Want a crack ? Here you'll find it !

Weird Places On The Net

Altavista Translations
Now you can translate any page ! works good !

Java Home
The home of JAVA....


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Three-D Graphics Home
Procedural graphics texture page !! Contains downloadable mac/win95 texture generator software.

3D CAFE home
The place to be for 3D artists ! 3DS, 3DS MAX etc...lots of online tutorials, plugins etc...This page focusses on industry standard rendering packages like 3D STUDIO, LIGHTWAVE etc..

Pov-ray - The Persistence Of Vision Raytracer
The Home of POV RAY, the best raytracer around, and it's free !!

Grotesque In Art
Darkness in contemporary art, paintings etc...nicely subdivided in Paranoia, Fear, Madness etc...

Dark Art
Also darkness in art.

The Tasteless Photos List
Sickening, traumatic, dark pictures. What would you think of a picture showing a naked woman hanging. She was found hanging somewhere in an Italian forest. Or....a guy who commited suicide by binding himself on a band saw in his own construction atelier. Amazing how perfect his body is cut in two halves. Or a fat woman puking on the floor after a wild party....she has shit smeared all over her. Or a huge dead women on an examiners table. Horrifying atmosphere, grainy black and white photo. Warning: this is truly extreme SICKNESS.


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