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The contents of this page does not necessary reflect the opinions of Tripod

My view of the world.

I consider the fundamental "method of existence" of the world and the universe not as a machine, but rather as an organic, intelligent system that evolves and, most important, lives. It is intelligent and "conducted by", or "being part of" a hierarchical structure that reflects its fundamental properties in every subelement. I'm almost sure that our universe is an intelligent system because the lifeforms it brings forth are more or less equipped with the ability to reason about, and if not, at least feel, the environment they live in, and also reason about themselves, feel themselves. For me, that's enough to accept that there is such thing as active will-power to exist. Every type of lifeform has a different amount of consciousness in wich this will-power exists. Probably human mankind is the lifeform with the most amount of self-consciousness. Human mankind is the only lifeform that can ask questions and eventually find answers on them. A significant feature is the possibility to ask questions about itself. Therefor, in my humble opinion, human mankind is the finishing touch of the universe. Human mankind is a form of expression, "used" by the universe to enhance it's consciousness. It's like an artist having a "superbrush" and "superpaint" that is the extremely effective for his desire to express. Every form of life represents a part of the consciousness of the universe, including planets, stars and other astronomic phenomena. Look at it for a second. The planet we live on, for example. It is almost startling the way we can "use" her. Our planet seems to be equipped with an awesome lot of diverse resources, perfectly suiting our needs to limitless evolve throughout the eons of time we have done so. It's like an artist having an infinite amount of paint, diverse brushes and canvases. Regarding this, ther must be a meaning behind all this. The effectiviness and suitability of the planetary resources are too wicked to believe it is not alive. Don't forget that EVERY type of life on Earth perfeclty matches the chain of life, EVERY element, the weather, the forces of nature, the billions and billions forms of life are a link in a chain that recharges itself constantly. This could not be established by a purely genetic machine, no matter how complex it could be. We, humans, can experience certain emotions. For instance, when one contemplates the way how sunbeams burst through the clouds and strike the land beneath it, or having a view over a vast landscape. Such things can fulfill us with that unspeakable intuition that these phenomena almost serve as if it were gifts from nature. It's almost as if nature continiously says : " If you want you can always go out and watch a piece of art, performed live and always changing, and in full 3D, you can even touch it ! You can smell it, feel it, taste it. Look : it's there in front of you, around you everywhere." That is, for me, the most convincing evidence that there is active intelligence as method of existence.


How does it happen ?
Art is a profound way to exteriorize what's invisible and inside.
Not what's outside, because that's already there. Art analyses a signal, processes it and then resynthesizes it. The signal to be analysed consists of what the artist receives through it senses. How the signal is being processed is determined by the configuration of the artists' inner elements, the things he's sensitive for, his interests, intellect and emotions. The resynthesis is closely related to the processing, plus technical skills.
How is an artist ?
Note that the following lines are valid for all people, but is emphasized considering artists. Where "regular" people more or less loose the aspects of being a child as they become older, the true artist will always be a child. Not that he is unexpierenced but considering the way he stays interested in the things that keep him busy. An artist asks so many questions, almost like a child does, he is emotionally and/or intellectually sensitive for phenomena that carries a content fundamentally similar to the structure of his own inner elements. Due to the fact that he receives something that is actually the same as him/herself, there arises a desire to confirm this. This is the origin of the deed, the actual painting, drawing, sculpting....etc...etc...


Politics : is something I totally hate. I hate every form of political engagement. Being politically engaged, for me, is a sign of strongly constrained consciousness. Somebody who beliefs he/she can be of any fundamental significance by going into politics is someone who will not become my friend. Social engagemnt is something else, that's a good thing because it deals with people, but politics, politicians, "leaders" and lawmakers these days are nothing but BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH...
It feels good to see the young people being not interested in politics, I think that creates a sort of emptyness wich can be filled with new, fresh idea's and beliefs. Those idea's will be set free of supersticion, wrong beliefs and things wich have nothing to do with the essential : nature.