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8000+ lines ascii document about OOBE by Donald Degracia
I want it !

Another enormous doc file about astral projection. By Robert Bruce.
I want it !

These documents describe both HOW-TO-DO and general aspects of the whole thing. So, they're not just simple step-by-step tutorials that leave you alone with what's going to overcome you, once you've been projected. Degracia, for example, covers very extensively the different important aspects of the astral worlds like denizens, creatures, environments and situations. Bruce's document also covers this, but focusses slightly more on the personal energy and health aspects of astral projection.
Anyway, during my obsessional search for good documents on the internet covering astral projection, lucid dreams and astral realms these two came out as the absolute best.

Here, if you want, you can post me a (lucid) dream, a projection or any other psychic experience. Also (philosophical) opinions about everything are welcome !!

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